10 Tips for Mastering the Art of Couponing

 10 Tips for Mastering the Art of Couponing

If you’re a couponer, you know that it takes a lot of time and effort to get the best deals. But it’s worth it because there is nothing more satisfying than saving money! Mastering the art of couponing is not an easy task. It’s a lot like mastering any other skill you need to practice if you want to get good at it! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’re going to share the best tips for saving money while shopping. These are things that we do all the time, and they work wonders for keeping our grocery bill low!


Collect the Coupons

If you have a lot of coupons, you might not need to buy the items in bulk. But if you have a few or no coupons, then buying these products at a lower cost will be impossible without them because stores won’t allow you to purchase just one item with your coupon. It has to be an even number! So the first thing that we do when we get home from the store is separate our coupons. We go through and collect all of the coupons we have, then organize them by expiration date so that they’re ready to use next time! You can also get coupons from sites like CouponGot, or couponcabin.com or by signing up for the store’s rewards program to get coupons sent directly to your email!


Organize Coupons

Organizing makes everything easy. For coupons, the best thing to do is separate them into expiration date orders. This way, you know which ones are about to expire and therefore need to be used first. First, separate the printable and online codes. Save online codes on your mobile or laptop. Make a folder and categorize it accordingly. This will help you save time on your next shopping trip. Print the printables and store them in a binder. Store the coupons you know you’ll use more frequently toward the front and those that will expire first in the back.


Utilize Coupon Codes & Apps

You can usually find coupon codes online or through apps like ShopSavvy or Key Ring. These are just a few of many out there, so try another if one doesn’t work. Another way to save money is through coupon match-ups and apps like Ibotta or Offers.com. This app pays you back for items on sale or cheaper at your favorite stores (Target, Walmart). You can also use this during checkout in-store with some retailers! Download the free cashback app and use it as you shop for groceries or other items.


Tear Off Coupons 

You will often see tear-off coupons at the bottom of newspaper ads, TV guides, and sometimes inside your Sunday paper! These are typically manufacturer’s coupons that anyone can redeem (so don’t let those expire!). You can also visit Coupon Sherpa to print coupons (and they’re all the digital, smartphone-friendly kind). Like tear-off coupons, these are also manufacturer’s coupons that you can redeem at any time. You will find them by searching your favorite store or brand online. Check out Free Printable Coupons to get started. Digital Coupons are coupons that can be redeemed by anyone, just like a tear-off or printable coupon. However, these are stored in the “cloud,” so to speak, and uploaded through your smartphone’s apps. The store will have access to them as well (usually), but you don’t need their paper ad or a newspaper clipping to redeem them.


Store Loyalty Cards & Rewards Programs

You can often stack coupons with store loyalty cards or rewards programs! If you have a card, it’s easy to find out if there are any rewards discounts available online. Just look at the terms and conditions on their website for information about how they work. The stores and retailers will often give you a percentage of your purchase or even free items. With rewards points and programs, it’s best to learn the rules since they can vary from store to store. Stores will often allow you to sign up for their reward program if you apply in-store for a credit card.


Shops That Cash Back Apps 

Like Kohl’s and JCPenney, some stores will allow you to shop through apps like ibotta or ShopKick. These apps help you earn money back for your purchase by giving incentives when you visit certain locations or make purchases with specific brands. The deals are normally quite good since the companies payout to the app makers to get you in the door. These stores will also often let you use coupons and rewards points in the app to help boost your savings.


Take Advantage of Price Matching 

If there’s a special sale going on at your local grocery store, or you know an upcoming holiday is coming up, take advantage of that sale by price matching at another store. Price matching is when you bring in a piece of paper with an ad for the same item from a different retailer, and they match the lower price to save you money. This can be done on top of coupons or other savings, so this may not always need to be your first option, but it’s a good one to keep in mind when you need it.


Double the Discount

One way to get the advantage of coupons is to use them at the time of sale. If you have a coupon for an item on sale, use the coupon along with the price to get it at half off. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s well worth your time and effort, so keep this in mind if you find yourself shopping during a sale week or looking for double coupons from your local grocery store.


Swap the Coupon

Get the most out of your couponing by swapping. It means that if there are certain brands, products, etc., that you don’t really like but have a coupon for them to make it worth your while, you can use the coupon to get a better product for free or almost free. It works best with things like cereal bars and other packaged food items but if it’s worth your time, then do what will save you money in the end.


Don’t Be Afraid of Freebie Stores.

Some stores will allow customers to take advantage of their “freebie” stores. These are typically smaller, local places that will allow customers to take one or two items each visit without a fee as long as there is no money involved and you’re not hiding any merchandise from the cashier. Don’t be afraid to check out your city for these freebies because it’s a great way to save money and make sure you’re getting the product for free.


In Conclusion

So what’s the secret to mastering couponing? It comes down to one thing: patience. Remember, you’re not going to get a deal on everything, and it might take some time before you find that perfect coupon code or discount. But if your goal is saving money, then every penny counts! Consider these tips and tricks as you plan out your next trip to the store, searching for deals. Which money-saving tip from this blog post have you tried when shopping lately? Let us know in the comments section below. We love hearing from our readers! Read more articles at Daily wold site. 

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