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10 Ways to Design Eye-Catching Facebook Ad Images

Every marketer has a love-hate relationship with Facebook Ads images, you can’t ignore them or live without them, and you can’t even create an ad that you know would do good.  This makes the process frustrating, but it is super important to run Facebook ads considering the Facebook algorithm

While running Facebook ads, you are not only competing with other brands for space on the newsfeed, but you are also going up against their friend’s pictures. This essentially means that your ad visual should be highly attention-grabbing. So much that people are compelled to stop and engage with the ad. 

An attention-grabbing image should ideally send the viewer towards the CTA button and compel them to take attention. 

After all, even the best products will not sell themselves if you put up an ad with bland aesthetics and weird angles. But how exactly can you design better visuals for your ads? Let’s find out.  

Here are ten ways that can help you design the most stunning Facebook ad visuals that you have seen in a while:

Gone are the days of ads with boring animations and color play. Now people are interested in a natural human touch. If you are a jewelry business, focus on creating ads with pictures of actual clients or bloggers wearing your pieces rather than just the products. 

This would better show your audience how the product looks on a real person and gather higher engagement. Similarly, you can add visuals of people enjoying the food for the food business rather than just photographing the food. 

The human touch makes your product more relatable and accessible. It shows emotion and makes your product more desirable. Humans are attracted to humans, and you should definitely consider that when you design your following visual.

  • Use Relevant Image

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of sharing relevant images while putting up an ad. This is extremely important when looking for or designing the right image. For example, if you promote a brand that deals in food, you should focus on finding a picture with tempting edibles rather than people enjoying themselves at a bar and food just sitting there on the table. 

The same image won’t work if you sell dog food. Therefore, relevancy should be your first metric of an eye-catching Facebook ads image. You can also use an Instagram management tool to find images. 

  • Add Logos

A logo sets you aside from others, which is why logo placement is super important in an ad visual. An easily recognizable logo will allow people to relate that ad to your brand. However, make sure that you don’t pollute the entire visual with your logo. 

Just place it at a prominent place so that it’s clear and crisp. Another thing to remember is to use similar colors overall for the visual to go with the entire thing. Lastly, just use a transparent logo if you think that the graphic and the logo are clashing. 

  • Add a pop of color 

Nobody likes a dull image with shades of bland colors, such as grey and whites. On the other hand, an overdose of colors can cause a sensory overload as well. Focus on creating a balance between bright and dull colors so that you can create a harmonious image. 

Try using a clean and crisp background and then use red, green, pink, purple, orange, or blue shades in the foreground. This creates a balance between the two spectrums and bright colors in the foreground focus on the product rather than the ad. 

The color play is so important when it comes to visuals on Facebook and not only on ads. It is best to create a uniform color grade on Facebook and its family of social media networks and use it for all visuals. Such uniformity also makes a loyal set of users who can recognize your image from far away. 

  • Try to be funny 

Being funny is not always the way to go. However, sometimes humor can win SO many clients. But to do that, always read the room. If there is a severe topic going on, don’t use it. People often use Facebook to entertain themselves. Therefore there is no point in putting out a bland sales pitch. 

Humor is an excellent way to get some clients in and engage with the audience. It also breaks the ice of you being an inaccessible brand. If you can pull off this trick, you can make people pay attention to your Facebook ad and the visual. 

Some brands are actually doing an excellent job at being goofy and catching their audience with a good sense of humor. You can also use features like sentiment analysis from Social Champ, a social media management tool, which is one of the best and amazing sprout social alternatives can help you out immensely with this. 

  • Focus on the product 

Make sure the hero of your Facebook ad visual is the product and not the supporting characters around. All eyes should be on the product or service you are offering to grab the attention of everyone. 

While photographing, make sure that your model is wearing a basic or one-tone dress and your jewelry stands out. Similarly, for food, make sure the edibles look appetizing and make up for the image’s more significant part. The images should be similar as well. This makes your ad stand out and look like a part of your feed. 

This way, you can also create brand loyalty of sorts as people would expect you to put up such ads all the time. 

  • Less is more 

With Facebook ad visuals, it is best to design images with more visual elements than text as such posts are easier to boost and gather more attention. Ensure that the ads do not have too much going on and the image is relaxed and calm. 

This will lead to your main message being the center of attention and not getting lost amidst the chaos. For instance, you are an activewear brand and are running ads for your new yoga tights. 

Just have a clear image of a human doing yoga with as few things in the background as possible. Keep the image clear with fewer surrounding elements and more attention on the tights. You can do the same for the other things. 

Declutter your ads as much as you can and make “less is more” your main motto. 

  • Create a theme 

Creating a theme promotes uniformity, which leads to greater brand awareness, and in return, you develop a sense of loyalty. Ask your in-house or outsourced designer to create visuals around the same theme. 

Alternatively, you can decide on a new theme that does not deviate from your brand image every few months. This way, your ads do not get boring, and you can still promote the uniformity that you so badly want to. Consistent brand voice is super important to increase brand awareness. 

Try to design a Facebook ad with a theme but a creative element differentiating it from others. 

  • Stay true to your brand image

No matter what you do on your social media, it is essential to stick to your brand image to promote consistency and uniformity. No one will know that this ad is from you if you don’t keep telling them. 

Therefore, make sure that at least some of your elements remain constant on Facebook ad visuals. If you tell your brand that these things are a part of your Facebook ad visuals all the time, it is bound to stick to them! 

  • Make your ad actionable 

So to put it out nicely, there is no point in running an ad when it is not actionable or has a well-done CTA attached to it. Use CTAs that prompt your audience to take action or do the task you want them to. 

After all, even if you design the most stunning visual with all the elements of a good ad, actionable caption, and CTA can make or break the entire deal. A good-looking picture with a boring caption won’t get you the leads that you want. 


An eye-catching and stunning Facebook ad visual can help you attract your audience’s attention and tell a story without saying much. All of these ten tips can help you do that, but putting them all together in the best possible way is your job. Check out brands like Coca-Cola and Uber for inspiration if you want!

Lastly, it is essential to remember that designs are not the only element necessary to make an ad work. There are many more things that you require to make your Facebook ad successful. 

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