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10 Ways to Make Your Hotel Eco Friendly

Hoteliers are becoming much more environmentally conscious about how they are contributing to an eco-friendly environment. If you are also a hotelier who is looking to contribute to the environment by coming an environmentally friendly hotel; you are making the right choice. Many guests now prefer an environmentally conscious hotel. Hotels sourcing their supplies; from the leading suppliers such as DZEE hotel towel from DZEE international to making changes to their operations. Our eco friendly hotel ideas will help you become a more environmentally conscious hotel.

Here are 10 ways to make your hotel eco friendly:

1.     Say No to Plastic

You may not be able to eliminate plastic from every part of your establishment but there are ways to reduce its existence in your hotel. By opting for biodegradable packaging, Styrofoam recyclable cups, and other such swaps can be made in place of plastic.

2.     Organic Environmentally Friendly Hotel Menu

Locally grown and organic produce helps lower down your carbon footprint and provides much more nutritious meal for your guests. It also helps boost the local community.

3.     Be Water Conscious

One of the 10 ways to make your hotel eco friendly is to adopt water management strategies. There are different water controlling tools you can use in order to avoid water wastage; such as the shower heads to water efficient washing machines, and more.

4.     Switch Out Housekeeping Supplies

Harsh chemicals are required at times but not all the time. There are now many cleaning chemicals available that are eco-friendly and provide great cleaning results. You need to be smart about what you purchase.

5.     Electricity Efficiency

By just opting for electricity efficient lighting, you can be an environmentally friendly hotel. Energy efficient bulbs are efficient and even cut down on your bills.

environmentally friendly hotel

6.     Environmentally Friendly Hotel Roof Top

A roof top garden adds to the greenery in your location, keeps your hotel cool, and is also a great place to host your guests. This is one of the most versatile eco friendly hotel ideas you can use for your property.

7.     Eco Friendly Hotel Ideas Washroom Products

There are numerous washroom amenities and electrical equipment; that you can opt for in your hotel to cut down on plastic and electricity at the same time.

8.     Recycling is the Way

You can either make use of different products around the hotel and repurpose them. Or you can also work with local experts who you can donate plastic, glassware, and even cardboards to.

9.     Guests are a Part of the Change

Encourage guests to turn off unwanted lights in their rooms, use bins, and be more environmentally conscious. Your guests would have a significant impact on you becoming an environmentally friendly hotel.

environmentally friendly hotel

10.  No Food Wastage

This is one of the eco friendly hotel ideas that that is essential for the growth of your community also. You can pair up with local charities and food banks, and make donations for food that would otherwise go to waste.

Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Hotel

Instead of grand eco friendly hotel ideas, focus on ideas that you can stick to in the long run. Sustainable ways to make your hotel eco friendly for years to come is always the better option. It ensures your hotel has a significant positive impact on the environment; and always contributes without a second thought.


Which eco friendly hotel ideas from these 10 ways to make your hotel eco friendly are you already follow? Do you have an environmentally friendly hotel idea that will help others? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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