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The Support You Need For Living Well In Melbourne

Life in Melbourne does not happen in a vacuum. We aren’t islands. In short, people need each other. But do you realize you need your friends as much as you do family lawyers, doctors, accountants, and more in order to survive? With experts like estate planning lawyers, Melbourne residents can actually have a better quality of life. And what about your local plumbers? How do you maintain your property?

This article will discuss many of the people you will need over your lifetime in order to live well, with limited problems and lots of peace of mind.



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Friends and Family

The most important people to have around are your friends and family. Your emotional and practical support will come through these people. At times, they’ll cause you stress, too, but your immediate circle is an asset.

Nurture and cultivate those bonds, and get the help you need when things go wrong.


The next group of people you will need are reputable lawyers. Look for family lawyers Melbourne locals trust when you need help with sensitive family-related issues. You’ll need one when:

  • You’re buying a house.
  • Getting married.
  • There’s a business issue.
  • Perhaps you need legal help with an accident.
  • You need to draw up a will.
  • You get involved in estate planning.

It’s best to find one firm that covers as many of these topics as possible. You’ll have one point of call and you can get to know them and they you. They can give you holistic assistance, and help you in all areas of legal life.


You’re going to need an accountant. Personal taxes are complicated, and you want to get the best deal possible while contributing meaningfully to the economy. They know the law and the means to get your taxes down where possible.

What’s more, if you own your own business, you will require someone to do the books for you, manage cash flow and ensure you remain on the right side of the law.


Things always go wrong with the plumbing, don’t they? A leaky tap or malfunctioning toilet perhaps? Or a burst pipe. All of these issues are stressful, and often create an emergency situation where you can’t delay repairs. It’s best to have a plumber on hand whom you know is trustworthy and well-skilled. Research locals to put on speed dial in times of need.

Professional Gardeners and Landscapers

If you own your own home, you’ll need the services of professional gardeners or landscapers at least once, if not regularly.

Landscapers can help you plan the layout of your garden so that it doesn’t require much maintenance and is water-wise. Gardeners can either do your garden for you, or give you advice on how to grow your plants organically, and when to plant what at which time of year. They have a wealth of knowledge that can benefit your property’s sustainability and your budget.


You’ll often need someone to fix things in your home: installing windows, putting new washers on taps, fixing door handles. Even if you know how to do these things yourself you don’t always get the time. Rather know of a DIY expert nearby.


Homes also regularly have clothes that need fixing or altering to fit you properly. Having a tailor nearby is stress-relieving. You don’t have to try and do it yourself, at the risk of botching it and ruining your clothes.


If you need to build new wardrobes or fix a table or chair, then it’s smart to have a local handyman to help out. There may be new kitchen cabinets to put in or a roof beam that needs repair. You’ll be glad you have a carpenter for this time-consuming work that requires lots of tools that not all households own.


The ideal sort of person to get to know is a counselor or therapist. When things go wrong, or when you need family intervention, it’s ideal to know someone who can help. A pastor or priest, psychologist or coach can all help when you need to lean on someone and get objective advice.

Financial Planner

One of the most essential on the list is that of financial planners. And it’s one of those that are most overlooked. Having someone to help you plan for and secure your financial future can save you from ruin.


Your electrical wiring and parts need urgent attention when things go wrong. You can probably replace your own plugs, but is the wiring in your house done according to governmental standards? Or what about when you need to add a new power outlet to a wall? Use your local contractors like electricians to ensure your home aligns with policies.


The list of people that you need in your life can be extensive. Why not begin to compile one now using recommendations from friends and family? Next time you need some help, you’ll have the number on hand to fix the situation in no time.

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