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11 Horror Games to Scare You This Halloween

Playing Horror Games are the best way to indulge your dark side this Halloween. These games satisfy your appetite for the macabre. For some people, Halloween is all about dressing up in costumes and eating sweets, as well as having friendly ghosts and vampires who sparkle when exposed to the sun. Not us. If you would rather endure the mental anguish of being frightened out of your wits, though, the most effective method would be to play a terrifying video Horror Games that puts you in the middle of the action. These games are the best way to indulge your dark side this Halloween. Whether it’s jump scares you never saw coming, supernatural creatures that live in the shadows, or the torture of surviving among the wreckage of an apocalyptic nightmare, these games are the best way to satisfy your appetite for the macabre.


The Evil Within 2, the sequel to 2014’s The Evil Within, continues the plot while taking a harsher tone than its predecessor. Along the journey, players will sneak through foreboding landscapes and face off against creatures that seem right out of a Japanese horror movie. These monsters are hideous and more than a little bit cringe-worthy, and although the suspense does not depend on jump scares, it does rely on toying with the player’s mind psychologically in order to build tension. Doors, passageways, and even whole settings might rearrange themselves around you in an effort to throw you off your Horror Games, which can provide an atmosphere that is legitimately unsettling while also being quite fun.


Who doesn’t like a gory murder mystery written in the classic style? In any case, Until Dawn guarantees that the player’s decisions and actions will, in the end, determine not just the future of their character but also the future of their character’s companions. During your stay in a secluded cabin in the mountains, a serial murderer follows your party of eight closely. Take control of each of the characters, avoid being killed by your slasher, and do whatever you can to remain alive.



Bloodborne is a Horror Games that will test you, leave you perplexed. And maybe even make you feel a good deal of misery and despair. You are about to go on a dreary journey in which you will have to make your way through an old. And gloomy land that has been afflicted with a malady that has transformed its people into a wide variety of hideous creatures. While exploring Yharnam in their role as The Hunter. Players must learn to fight and avoid death in order to unearth the city’s hidden mysteries.


In this fast-paced survival sci-fi and horror journey, you will wake up on a slab inside a Mars research facility that has been infected by Hellspawn. You will then take a rifle and begin slaughtering creatures who are starving for blood. Find out where the invasion is coming from and beat it into submission as soon as you can. What else do you want information on that is such a bloodbath?


Resident Evil 7, the most recent entry in the venerable genre, eschews the traditions of earlier adventure games in favor of returning to its survival horror origins. As you sneak into the Baker estate, interacting with the newest mutant animals in the series and solving the mystery of what happened to the family. You never know what you’ll discover or where you’ll find it. Playing this first-person game in virtual reality would definitely make every jump fright more intense.


Play as a character in the action adventure game Amnesia: The Dark Descent that has no recollection of who he is or why he is there in the first-person perspective game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Players have no access to firearms, so they must rely on their brains. And the ability to solve puzzles in order to make their way through the corridors of a forbidding Prussian fortress. If you don’t keep up with your sanity checks in the Horror Games. You can start seeing hallucinations. It’s possible that they may create acoustic reactions. Which would attract the attention of neighboring organisms.


Even though it’s not really a horror movie, the eerie plot of What Remains of Edith Finch gives us the creeps. You investigate what is left of the Finch family and try to piece together how a mystery curse took its toll on each individual member. The mood is gloomy, and some of the images are more than a bit unnerving; hence, it is an excellent choice for a title for Halloween.



ZombiU is a first-person survival Horror Games for the Wii U that sets players in London amid a zombie apocalypse. Players move about the city using motion controls. After being felled by a single zombie bite. Players are given the opportunity to assume the role of another random survivor. They can only reclaim their inventory if they first sacrifice their original persona.


The most recent installment in the Five Nights at Freddy’s game series lives up to the series’ reputation for terrifying gameplay. This time around, you really have the ability to roam from one room. To another inside the eerie haunted pizzeria where your character works. And you can interact with a completely new group of animatronics that come to life throughout the night. It’s the same old Freddy’s. But with a unique twist that is certain to maintain the tension at a healthy level. Play full Five Nights at Freddy’s series in Geometry Dash.


It seemed inevitable that there would be a sequel to the first Outlast game given. How compelling and unsettling it was for gamers. The first game’s protagonist, an investigative journalist whose life is abruptly flipped upside down. Returns for the sequel, Outlast 2, which begins up where the first game left off. After his wife goes missing and he stumbles across a little community that has sacrificed all of its children. He finds himself embroiled in a terrifying mystery that involves some extremely strange hallucinations. A malicious cult, and the impending arrival of the Anti-Christ. In Outlast 2, there lot going on, you can sure that there will a scary moment around every turn.


Playing this strategy Horror Games will need you to construct an epidemic by piling on disease blocks. The objective is to infect and ultimately eliminate every person on the planet. Your rate of success in combating the disease’s progress awards you points. It may used toward developing more potent mutations and adverse effects.

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