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13 Content Types for Medical Content Marketing

Medical content marketing has two goals: increasing patient knowledge and making you more visible and authoritative.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what medical content marketing should look like for your website and social media, here’s a handy list of 13 types of content to help you.

Health News

Have you read a new report or found out about a new study in medicine? Most likely, your potential patients could also read this, but they could not correctly understand what follows from this. And this means that the information was useless for them and could even cause anxiety. Publish a post explaining this information on the website or social networks to convey the main idea in an accessible, non-medical language.

Seasonal Tips

People face seasonal allergies, vacation-related safety issues, and more every year.

These questions are nothing new, but many people have them every year for the first time or in new circumstances.

They want accurate information from someone they can trust. So even if you’re tired of talking about the importance of limiting your sun exposure, getting your yearly check-ups, breaking your bad habits, and more, remember that your patients need this information. Moreover, you may be the first to be able to convey it correctly.


We’ve seen amazing results with infographics lately. These images are capable of packing facts into easy-to-understand graphics. They are very friendly healthcare social media agency and can become accessible and memorable material for your patients. However, because infographics require research, thoughtful writing, and creative design, they can’t always be done by yourself. This means that you will have to hire a specialist. Does it make sense to spend money on it? The answer is yes! The ROI can be impressive.

Behind the Scenes

Details about your institution’s doctors, your staff’s pets, or your community service are all things that bring you closer to your patients, making you “not strangers” to them, increasing loyalty and trust. So take some pictures, write a kind text and show everyone that you are real and alive.


We are constantly reminded that eating healthy is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle—and one of the hardest to follow. Recipes for a healthy diet is one of the most popular internet searches. Help your patients find them right on your page. Post healthy recipes and talk about them on social networks.


A simple, at first glance contest, well-executed on social networks, will help increase your recognition and significantly increase the number of new subscribers and followers (read – potential patients) to your page or account. Make the right conditions, ask friends to tag you, and decide what you will give to the winner or winners.

Detailed information about already known things

Many topics in medicine are familiar to everyone but are not clear to the end for most. For example, recent studies have shown that many parents give medicines to their children incorrectly. And it would seem that this topic is simple and should not cause any difficulties, but it is not. So, feel free to tell your patients what they may already know in detail. But, there is a strong possibility that they are incorrect.


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Digital Gifts

A coloring book for kids with a medical theme and your logo, a detailed PDF manual, or an exercise video can be a great gift for your patients. In addition, gifts can be given out for contact information from a potential patient, testimonials from current patients, completing questionnaires, etc.


Ask your audience (current and potential patients) questions. Then, ask them, encouraging them to write you a response and ask a response question, increasing their activity on your pages.


Trust in your consists of many factors.

One of the most important is reviews. If your patient is satisfied with the services provided, ask them to write a review on their social media page, tagging your page. Some patients will do it with pleasure, and some will have to be motivated by something (for example, discounts). And don’t forget to post their review on your page or feed!


Now, when there is more and more information and less and less time, people love and appreciate the opportunity to quickly watch the video and not read the text for a long time. Give them that opportunity.

Works ” Before ” and ” After “

If a photo can assess your services or your clinic’s services, then take this opportunity!

Take “before” and “after” photos of your procedures so that potential patients can evaluate the positive effect and see for yourself your professionalism. Make sure you can see the difference in the photos. Write a simple and understandable text accompanying the publication, describing the procedure. Post such photos-reports weekly.

The working process

If you have the opportunity to take photos or video of the process of providing a particular medical service – that’s great!

Don’t scare your potential patients with bloody scenes, but try to demonstrate your skill by capturing the best moments of the procedure. Combining such publications with publications “before / after.”

I hope that these tips for medical content marketing will help you, and you will be able to easily fill your feed/page/blog with new and interesting publications.

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