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20 Easy and Cheap Landscaping Ideas in 2022

Would you like to revamp your yard without paying a professional landscaper? There are many creative DIY landscaping ideas out there that are also within your budget.

A little attention to the patio area, or a whole outdoor concept you’d like to start, can be accomplished with a little ingenuity.

Read on for some easy and cheap backyard landscaping ideas to help you transform your home into an oasis and, at the same time, not wreck your budget.

Cheap Landscaping With Vegetable Plants

A great way to stay within your budget when doing backyard landscaping is to grow vegetables. Inexpensive vegetables such as spinach, beans, and cabbage can easily be grown in flower pots. They will make your lawn look organic, and this won’t cost you much money.

You could also grow edible flowers or herbs for decoration or cooking. To get started, you could purchase small vegetable plant starters at any local nursery.

Then just follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose which type of vegetable you would like to grow.
  2. Buy small plant starters.
  3. Find a sunny spot.
  4. Water daily.
  5. Enjoy fresh veggies all summer long!

Stunning Bloom Boxes on a Budget

One of our favorite cheap backyard landscaping ideas is to use discarded wood. If you’re interested in a concrete walkway or pathway, or driveway pavement, consider using cement blocks cut in half for your design. The total cost will surprise you… in a good way.

For raised beds, use four-by-fours and two-by-eights or lumber from old pallets to create garden beds that are sturdy enough to hold even heavy plants.

Plant your favorite flowers and shrubs in these boxes to add color and beauty to your backyard! We love how they can be arranged however you like, depending on your space. You can also paint them if you wish.

There are so many possibilities with wooden boxes; we hope you enjoy trying out some of these landscaping ideas.

Wildlife Friendly Landscaping

Be friendly to animals. That’s the only rule! There’s nothing more exciting than seeing wildlife up close and personal.

Put a Waterhole

For a great backyard landscaping idea, create a waterhole for your local wildlife. Inviting wildlife to your garden is surely a fantastic way to feel like you have a vacation every day in your own backyard!

It’s also a chance to listen to birds sing as they enjoy your landscape. It is definitely a great way to relax after a long day at work.

For this landscaping idea, if you have an old basin lying around your house that you want to get rid of, consider turning it into a birdbath to save on your budget. Start by placing a small rock or pebble in an empty basin.

Add water, then add more rocks until you reach about half total. Use something like fabric to line the base, which will help keep it clean.

You may also consult your local pool contractor if you’re looking to build a bigger and more aesthetic waterhole. It really depends on the size of your backyard-dailywold.

Add a DIY Bird Feeder

Make a DIY bird feeder enhance your backyard wildlife attraction without blowing your budget. This DIY bird feeder is great at attracting birds and looks attractive in any garden or yard setting. It will also provide hours of fun watching birds scavenge for seeds and nuts you have left out for them.

The classic tin can turned into a DIY bird feeder is one of my all-time favorite cheap gardening landscape ideas.

A cute red or blue design makes for a fun touch in your yard. Plus, it’s easy to make, only taking about an hour! All you need is a drill, some paint, and seed.

To get started making a bird feeder on a budget, you will need to clean out any remaining food from inside each can, then place them upside down on newspaper, so they are ready when it comes time to spray paint them.

Next, use a spray primer if desired, then follow up with two coats of outdoor latex paint—one coat will do, but two will give better coverage. Let dry completely before filling with birdseed-dailywold.

Now hang up in your backyard and enjoy watching birds flock to your new feeders!

Wooden Fence

Knowing how to put up a fence can be a cheap landscaping idea. The cost of wood fencing is generally much higher than other materials, but there are still ways to do it within your budget.

First, opt for pressure-treated wood over cedar or redwood—it’s cheaper and will last just as long.

Second, use fencing that’s already on hand or purchase it from someone who’s upgrading their own fence; you can often find great deals on used fencing at building supply stores.  By checking out local stores for deals, you can lower the cost of your yard project.

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