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3 Reasons Easy Signage is the Best Easy-to-Use

Digital Signage Solution

For signage solutions that are easy to use, secure and cost-effective, look no further than Easy Signage’s cloud-based digital signage solution. It’s packed with great features like activity reporting, real-time push updates and more! Here are 3 reasons why it should be your first choice for digital signage software.

1) Fully Customizable

You can customize your signage display any way you want. With Easy Signage, there are no templates, no set looks and nothing to hold you back from making your display fit your brand. That doesn’t mean it’s harder to use than competing solutions; in fact, our design options make it easy for anyone with basic computer skills to create a beautiful digital sign.

Whether you’re a branding professional or an office manager looking for a quick fix, Easy Signage makes digital signage simple and user-friendly. And that means more time to focus on what matters: your business. Cloud-Based Service: Easy Signage is a cloud-based service. What does that mean? It means you don’t have to install software or configure anything – all you need is an internet connection and we take care of everything else.

From maintenance to updates, our service automatically takes care of all details so you don’t have to worry about them. Your content will always be available when and where you need it most!

2) Low Cost

Easy Signage makes professional, high quality digital signage easy to deploy and maintain. Easy installation lets you use existing PC’s and touchscreens, so it won’t break your budget. And you can manage multiple screens on a single user account, making multi-screen management super simple. Plus, you can get started for as little as $19 per month. It’s not just easy to use – it’s easy on your wallet too!

3) Mobile Device Friendly

Easy Signage allows you to create professional digital signage for any device. Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. Easy, simple and secure! We also support WiFi hotspots through your local network so no matter where you are your digital signage will be there with you.


Easy Signage is a cloud solution, which means it’s highly available, instantly accessible and reliable. If a server goes down, another one can be automatically brought online to ensure you have full control over your content. In fact, Easy Signage was built with reliability in mind from top to bottom; our backups are automatic and frequent so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. It’s like having an IT team at your disposal 24/7!

Full of features

1.EasySignage is a cloud-based digital signage solution designed to be simple, secure, and yet full of features. 2. Unlike other easy-to-use digital signage solutions, Easy Signage’s unique design lets you add an unlimited number of slides, with each slide containing unlimited content and images/videos/HTML5 widgets 3. Finally, all your content can be viewed in HD quality on every device; users don’t need to install or download any third-party software or app, or plugin to view your content 4. As an additional bonus feature, you have access to live reporting of session times, page views, and event tracking information 5. Additionally, it’s also possible to customize up to 10 playlists and schedule them for different times on day 6.

Easy to use

Easy Signage provides an easy-to-use interface for all users, which means no training, handholding, or manual interpretation. This can save businesses time and money because it’s easy for anyone to access and update content via their PC or mobile device. Easy to use digital signage can also reduce IT costs associated with deploying traditional digital signage solutions. There’s no need for special hardware, software, or computers when using Easy Signage; just connect a monitor to your existing Wi-Fi router or switch and you’re ready to go!

2) What Device Will Display Your Content?

Once you know your target demographic, it’s time to decide what device your digital signage content will appear on. If you’re looking for an interactive platform with real-time data, a screen or monitor is likely best. This allows users to interact with your content through touchscreens and special inputs. Meanwhile, video displays are great for catching passersby’s attention but don’t allow for interaction. You can use these devices together if you’d like. For example, place your interactive displays at entrances where users can see them easily and have a larger display in a back room where sales staff can input data after-hours.

3) Do You Want Video Playback?

If your company focuses on selling products or services, then it’s important that you are able to share videos and other digital media. If your content will be mostly static, then a simple slideshow of images might be just what you need. However, if you want to add a video screen or allow users to upload their own media, you may want to invest in some video playback capabilities. Keep in mind that video playback can get pretty expensive; some systems start at $10,000+ and can reach as high as $50k+. Decide what features are right for your company before deciding how much is right for your business!

4) How Much Will It Cost?

The first step when selecting a digital signage software platform is working out how much it will cost. You can do this by figuring out what features you need and then comparing costs across different vendors. The thing to remember here is that digital signage software is often designed for businesses, so you’ll be paying as much as $10,000 or more per year on license fees alone. Plus, if you end up needing any customization of your system, those expenses could quickly add up. In some cases you might pay $1 per month for using an off-the-shelf platform; in others, you might spend 10 times that amount if your business needs anything close to a customized solution

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