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3 Revenue-Generating Activities for Your Virtual Assistant 

As their name suggests, Virtual Assistants are remote working employees who offer businesses and entrepreneurs a set of specialized services. Historically, virtual assistants were self-employed professionals. As the industry started growing, they turned to be the most approached individuals for their skillsets and capabilities of handling a range of services that benefit businesses.

This raises the question, “Why should you appoint a Virtual Assistant? What benefits do the offer?”

This post will have three salient reasons for hiring of a VA for businesses.  

Top Reasons to Hire Virtual Assistants for your Business 

A spoonful of time and cash create a spontaneous flow of results from recruiting a Virtual Assistant. Instead of hiring a full-time employee in house, the wiser option is to leverage your virtual assistant to generate revenue. 

1. You can save lofty expenses as you need not pay for overheads like working system, internet connectivity, and office space or commuting fares.  

2. You save yourself the training costs and time as well as effort spent on the hiring and on-boarding. Hiring a full-time employee demands training on understanding the job & managing expectation of outcomes. Whereas, a VA holds expertise in these areas and commits to deliver top-notch results every time. 

3. Outsourcing tasks to Virtual Assistants in India can allow you to pivot your attention and revenue into strengthening core competencies.

While your virtual assistants can accomplish tasks like research and development, meetings, data entry, sending emails, newsletters along with resolving customer queries. You can focus your attention to things that truly matter.  

4. Your VA offers round the clock services with a quick hike in sales in business. Because they can cater to the business needs of clients globally, located in different time zones. 

5. They are easily accessible through messaging and video calling tools. This keeps communication clear and you can rely on them to handle tasks with transparency, with no room for errors. 

3 Ways You Can Leverage A VA 

According to one data source [1], compared to a full-time employee, a virtual assistant can save you up to 78% on operating costs each year. So, there are multiple reasons to nurture your business foundations and generate remarkable revenues by appointing a VA.  

Lead Generating Prospects: 

Converting leads is the most effectual form of marketing where potential audience gets converted into successful customers.  

Lead generation in turn gives rise to revenue generation through social media, Business listings, directories, and other forms of content & digital marketing.

This requires specialized state-of-the-art tools to multiply conversions. In this case, a virtual assistant can smoothly convert leads if provided with the right tools that make operation efficient & business future-proof. 

Content Marketing: 

Content Marketing is another method that many virtual assistants are proficient in. It is inclusive of blog posts, social media content, email newsletters that interact with audience on an emotional level.  

A virtual assistant who is capable of creating outstanding content of quality that is unique can reach out to potential clients & build a strong online presence for your brand. 

Moreover, VA also get their hands on social media by handling images, videos, content posts, and sharing them across several platforms to entice your followers and visitors. This is a way of spreading brand awareness & engagement among the masses to further add value to your business. 

Exceeding Media Reach: 

Public relations and media outreach is one of the most-sought ways to elevate brand image. And reach out to wider audience base.  

A virtual assistant skilled in plugging the show by researching about several platforms can generate profits for your business in this sphere as well.

Not only this, but they can enlist contact information, broaden business reach. And reach out to influencers and their followers to generate extraordinary brand awareness. 

Professional virtual assistants have their hands on updated tools for social selling, making and improvising strategies, and lastly, measuring revenue results. 

The aforementioned ways constitute the notable reasons why virtual assistants are unsung heroes of the successful businesses globally. They act as a blessing in disguise by cutting 70% of costs, taking over cumbersome tasks, and pay 24/7 services to respective clients. Also, the VAs are trained in versatile tasks, eliminate hiring costs, and shed the need of training.

You can ease up your business competencies by hiring a dedicated personal Virtual Assistant in India who are flexible, robust, and diligent in combating competitions. With eyes on detail and hands-on-experience, they make deliberate efforts to generate revenues.  

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