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4 Business processes your SME must automate in 2022

SME automation in India

Let us talk about SME automation in India and why it’s a must for your business in 2022 and beyond. 

With the pandemic affecting businesses worldwide in 2020, there was a huge market ready (almost overnight) to invest in business automation solutions and software for business to ensure continuity.  

Many SMEs in India were quick to adapt to change, while others struggled. It did however make businesses realise the benefits of automation and why it is not an expense but a long-term investment.   During the pandemic, most of MSMEs in India (and all around the world) understood the need to select digital tools and get solutions to push their business going. From accepting digital payments, to use software for automated processes, the change has been fast across business.

Here are our recommendations on the top 4 processes for automation for those businesses ready to make the most of it. 


1. HR processes for onboarding, attendance and payroll 

 The first day in office is always exciting. You meet new people, get inducted into the team, learn about the culture and so on. This can easily be automated whether you work remotely or in office. 

For instance: 

  • HR teams can share welcome/introductory emails to new employees, share links to resources, and guide on next steps 
  • Team managers can schedule meetings with other team members (in-person and online) and update calendars accordingly 

Similarly tools (eg. ubiAttendance) can be used to record and track employee attendance and leaves, even from remote locations. Employees can login to self-service portals and digitally upload documents for HR processes (eg. PF, insurance, banking, tax declarations etc.). 

Payroll software (eg. greytHR) can be used to generate payslips (with details on tax, leaves, PF, bonus etc.) for employees to access easily. 

Using the right business applications, these processes can be automated, keeping it efficient, effective, and saving business time and money. 


2. Lead management across all channels  

 Managing leads generated through multiple sources is tough. From following-up to lead scoring, assigning, and tracking, it’s challenging to do it all – manually. 

Automation can save the day. With the right business software (eg. LeadSquared, Kylas, Cronberry, etc.) businesses can automate the lead management process, accelerate sales, and provide businesses with data-driven insights for the future.  

Let’s understand how automation can benefit the lead management process in business:  

lead management process


With the right marketing automation and business management software it’s possible to ensure no opportunities are lost or leads wasted.  


3. GST compliance and e-Invoicing 

 Compliance is mandatory and can get complex if not adhered to. Fortunately, by automating the invoicing process compliance challenges can be avoided. 

Invoicing is a complex task. And though it requires some manual efforts, automating the process will save you time and money, reduce errors and keep you compliant. 

For instance, as a SME with Rs. 20+ crores in annual turnover, you can use an e-Invoicing software (eg. TS iON GSP E-invoicing Solution) to keep your business GST e-Invoicing compliant. Similarly, with a GSP solution, you can automate and simplify the reconciliation process and maximise your ITC claims (Input tax credit).  


4. Customer support to improve customer experience 

 When it comes to providing customer support, automation is a clear winner. From live chat support to ticketing, automation using the right business solutions can accelerate customer experience at every stage. 

For instance, by automating the customer query and complaint process with a ticketing tool, businesses can be proactive and customer centric.  

  • Complaints can be raised within minutes 
  • The system will register the complaint, share a reference number, and an ETA on the resolution period 
  • The ticket will automatically get assigned to the relevant agent 
  • The customer will receive timely notifications on the ticket status ensuring customer satisfaction 
  • The ticket automatically gets closed once the complaint is resolved  

Automation therefore ensures increased productivity and better process efficiency. It removes the vicious circle of repetitive emails and calls and streamlines the process for a better customer experience.  


Business automation solutions for MSMEs: The way ahead 

 Automation is the future. It’s gaining momentum at a breakneck pace with large, small and medium businesses automating business processes for efficiency, reduced manual errors, and compliance.   

With the right business management software businesses can automate repetitive processes ensuring better time and cost management and productivity. 

  • Identify the processes that can be automated  
  • Research required business applications 
  • Educate and inform your team, address concerns, and seek their inputs 
  • Get the right tool and monitor performance   

With automation, it is possible for businesses, especially MSMEs with limited resources, to let tools manage repetitive tasks, so that employees can focus on cognitive, creative and strategic roles.  

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