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4 Trending Features for a Millennial Luxury Custom Home

Are you building your first luxury custom home? Being a millennial is not easy. You have an active lifestyle and modern priorities. So, when you are keeping up with that, you need to create an abode that will be perfect to match your life and its demands. Thanks to custom home building, now you can have your dream home with all the necessary customization and upgrades that will suit your requirements.

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So, when you are searching with terms like “ luxury custom home builders near me” and planning the exterior and interior of your house, what features you are looking for in that home? In the following points, you will find some inspiring ideas that you can use in your home too. Take a look.

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Open Floor Plans is Dominating

For a bespoke luxury custom home, the grand doorway should lead to a big airy, and bright hallway with an open floor plan. If you are worried that there will be space constraints, then don’t. You can go for etched or clear glass doors that will lead you from your kitchen to the living room. This type of design will not only add o the illusion of space in your home but will also help you to create a surround sound system in your home. Eminent custom home builders in Vancouver are championing this style too.

Swamped by Technology

One of the main features of a luxury custom home for a millennial is the dominance of technology. Just like your whole generation, you are also probably tech-savvy, spending all your time on your computer tab, iPad, phone or Alexa, or even some modern systems. That is the reason why current luxury homes are coming with supporting features for your devices. From well-placed plug points to built-in home automation features, everything is coming packed in your home design.

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Reclaimed and Sustainable Living

The modern generation is quite aware of the environment and how much damage the whole civilization is causing to it. So, when you are trying to reduce the carbon footprint, it becomes essential that you use reclaimed and sustainable things for building your luxury custom home. Reclaimed materials like wood beams, wood floorings, and doors are becoming pretty popular these days. In fact, the wood flooring is coming with automatic heated hardwood that will add to the energy efficiency of the home. For Vancouver home renovations, you can change your flooring for this type of floor too.

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Waterfall Edge Kitchen Island as Focal Point

For a millennial with an active lifestyle, the kitchen is a very important place in the home. And to keep up with the demand of life, the design should be sleek, clean lines and contemporary too. So, when you are creating such a kitchen, have you given much thought to your kitchen island? If not, then you should. This is not only where you will take the important meals of the day but will have some significant moments and conversations around it. Choose a waterfall edge kitchen island. Grand, modern, and fuss-free, this will be the focal point in the whole design.

Hire a builder for luxury custom home and commercial building and discuss these plans with them. You will be amazed to see the end results.

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