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5 advantages of video games you don’t expect!

Did you know that polls reveal that 81% of parents have a bestial fear of the negative consequences that technology can have on their children?

These fears often do not allow us adults to consider the real advantages of video games more objectively and instead lead us to consider the negative aspects of technology much more.

In particular, following are the main fears:

1️⃣ Fear of the child becoming addicted and unable to disconnect from monitors and the internet.

2️⃣Accessing unsuitable content

3️⃣ Fear that the child loses the sense of reality and that he can no longer distinguish the real world from the virtual world.

4️⃣ Fear of losing interest in other healthier activities such as playing with other peers or outdoor activities.

5️⃣ Fear of getting sick and that devices adversely affect his health, brain, creativity and imagination.

The singular aspect is that despite these fears, 30% of children go online as early as 3-4 years old.
Between the ages of 5 and 7, 87% of children surf the internet!

And as you well know immediately they suffer a fatal attraction towards the screens …

But why do we adults find it so hard to understand and accept this natural love of children for technology?

Videogames pros and cons: 2 main reasons why we ignore the advantages related to video games and technology

Little girl reads a book sitting on a stack of giant books

1️⃣ We grew up with paper and note books
Until 1982, the word Internet did not exist. Facebook was born in 2004 and YouTube in 2005!

2️⃣ Your brain is less flexible than your child’s.
Children adapt very easily to changes and super-fast technology and can follow multiple things together, but we are sloths and hardly do one activity at a time.

Fear will not help you accompany your child in understanding how to use technology to their advantage and to avoid its social and health risks and dangers.

Instead, it would be useful to have a line of knowledge about the pros and cons of the technology .

Just as your child  Social Networks, car racing games, Tablets and Smartphones.

Here are the main difficulties parents face today when dealing with technological devices:

  • They tend to ban the use of video games and digital devices but… the prohibited things are what your child tends to do the most.
    Especially in secret. Just like you used to do sometimes as a kid.
  • The fear of the unknown, the unknown and the consequences on the health form armies of mothers who carry their furious battle anti-technology and anti-video games.
    And they are right! After all, no one has ever explained to them the true advantages and disadvantages of technology.
  •  Have a tremendous and justified fear that their children will become addicted to screens and do not know how to prevent or solve this danger.
  • Are afraid of the internet and its unsuitable content, pornography, violence and pedophilia.
  • Do not know how to manage the time their children spend in front of the screens: if they forbid too much they start quarrels and tantrums, if they give more they feel guilty and fear health consequences.
  • Worry about the amount of time spent on passive reception of images, especially TV, which is considered to be much more passive than computers and video games.
  • Have no solution to avoid and prevent alienation, asociality and lack of communication with their children.
  • Fear learning disabilities and a decrease in curiosity, imagination and creativity.
  • Find it hard to remove or limit video games or the tablet if they then use it.
  • Are concerned about the possibility that their children will lose the desire to learn through concrete and material books and activities.

The positives and negatives of video games

The digital world is here to stay , it will be more and more present in our lives and you have to interact with it in some way.

Your job as an adult is to understand the advantages and disadvantages and act accordingly.

Banning or strictly rejecting a situation is not always the most convenient approach. And you risk not understanding how to take advantage of it.

In fact , technology also has  advantages .

Top 5 benefits of video games for your child

Kids studying together with computers and pads

I list the 5 MAIN ADVANTAGES of video games used in a CONSCIOUS way , with the right limits and the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE of the parent:

1️⃣ Digital Collaboration.
Children and teens tend to collaborate and cooperate through technology. While we fear the asociality and the lack of interaction for them communication is normal. That it also takes place on the web and through social networks.

2️⃣ Exchange and Help.
Children and young people not only interact, help and collaborate : in the face of technology they support each other, exchange advice and experiences and argue less !!

3️⃣ Games help (a lot) Learning .
Strategy and adventure video games are excellent and effective for learning at school and at home. More so than current rational teaching methods. That do not consider the most physiological ways of learning for children). It is only necessary to remove the fear that they are harmful. To know how not to create addiction and to animate the group of students by alternating paper. And books with multimedia and interactive supports.

4️⃣ The Games sharpen the ability to Solve Problems .
The Minecraft video game and other similar strategy games stimulate digital intelligence (which children already have naturally), the ability to solve problems and formulate hypotheses. And they do it in the same way as the more classic ways of learning but which are based on the true nature of the child and his / her innate ability to learn (today it does not happen). Yes, these skills are the same ones that kids will use in real life and they will be much faster and more capable than us in finding alternative solutions to the big problems of the world !!

5️⃣ For digital kids and teens, writing with a computer is much easier than writing by hand.
If properly guided, children alternate writing (and drawing) on ​​the computer to that on paper. With colors with fluidity and naturalness (and without judging one valid and the other less so as we adults do!).

The technology can help your child to express his innate potential.

But only your SUPPORT and your PRESENCE can make it USEFUL and PRODUCTIVE and avoid all the negative aspects.

As a parent you can bring technology to your side to nurture the lightning-fast digital. Learning skill your child possesses (and which makes school terribly boring and slow at times).

The only way that can “save” you is knowing how to use it in your favor and better evaluate the real advantages and disadvantages of video games.

Because, if on the one hand it is true that there are negative aspects. And that you need to give rules immediately to your child. On the other, as you have discovered, there are positive aspects of Best racing games that are very important.

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