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5 Essential Points On Botox Aftercare

Botox is the biggest breakthrough in the dermatology world. It is a way to get rid of facial wrinkles effectively. If you want to keep your facial skin pretty young, then speak to a Botox specialist. The use of Botox injections on different facial areas can paralyze the muscles. This means that it can relax the facial muscles for 3 to 4 months that causes wrinkles. The main areas of Botox are the forehead, under and around the eyes, upper lips, and mouth. However, it is certainly true that this treatment works well. But, it needs proper care as well. So, here are 5 Botox aftercare elements that you must keep in mind for good results.


Sleeping after Botox


It is an important point to discuss because sleep after the treatment is risky for the results. Many folks usually sleep on their sides that cause the face to smash all night. This is the major cause of developing wrinkles as well. After Botox, you must avoid sleeping on a side as it can obstruct the drug from reaching the target muscles. You must sleep on your back on the night of the Botox procedure. It allows the drug to spread across the face faster to work as per expectations.


Prevent going in the sun


If you had a Botox, never go to the sun at least that day. The UV rays of the sun can harm your skin, and the heat can cause flushing. The heat from the sun can increase your blood pressure to circulate fast in the body. This means that it can also transfer Botox to other parts of the body. It results in poor outcomes of the procedure on your face. So, keep a note of this point.


Avoid alcohol


It is also an important Botox aftercare point to take into account. Alcohol can cause bruising that is not good for Botox. So, you must avoid having a sip of alcoholic beverage for at least 24 hours after Botox. Though, a dermatologist would also suggest you avoid alcohol for 24 hrs prior to the procedure. It is also advised to avoid smoking if you can do. Avoiding these things will let you experience smooth and enhanced results of Botox on your face.


Avoid face rubbing and touching


It is natural human behavior to touch the face, especially after getting a cosmetic treatment. You might also feel exciting to experience a smooth finish on your face after Botox. But, it is a concern that can ruin your facial appearance—rubbing or touching your face after Botox can cause the Botox to spread to inadvertent areas. This would provide you unnatural results from the treatment that you do not want. So, as per the experts, you must not touch or rub your face after Botox for three days. Also, you must avoid applying make-up to your face because the chemicals can make the skin harsh.


Avoid physical workout


It is undoubtedly true that physical exercise and workout is essential for good health. But, you must avoid it for a day and after when you had a Botox treatment. You must not do any exercise and activity that could raise your blood circulation in the whole body. It will make the Botox spread to other areas of your body that can cause bruising and unfavorable results. The Botox can leave the injection site.


The Final Say


These are 5 essential Botox aftercare points that you must remember. You should follow these instructions to achieve good Botox results. Ask your Beverly Hills Med Spa specialist for more guidance.


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