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5 Interesting Emerging Education Technology Trends

Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and Big Data are the top three most important trends in education technology in recent years. However, distance education has taken over the trend charts due to the global pandemic.

The coronavirus virus pandemic has profoundly changed the way that people learn and educate today. Many are now comfortable with distance learning through various digital platforms. This is due to social distancing.

Education technology (EdTech), also known as education technology, is a type of technology that helps students learn and perform better when they use the right resources and technologies.

Many students around the globe have been helped by technology’s integration into their education. This guide will focus on the latest, most intriguing, and most promising trends in education technology this year.


  • In 2022, eLearning was the number one trend in education technology. Schools around the globe were shut down due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This led to a substantial increase in the demand for online-based educational platforms.
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  • Through eLearning, teachers can also offer educational content. These contents can be accessed using any device, including a smartphone. Tablets, laptops. Computers.
  • This trend allows for more interactive learning and time savings. This technology allows learners to learn whenever and wherever they like. It lets learners view and print content so they can get the education or information they need.
  • It has transformed the delivery of education. eLearning allows learners multimodal experiences via videos, podcasts animated videos, and animations.

Video-Assisted Learning

  • Cisco conducted a study that showed that video consumption would account for more than 80 percent of internet traffic.
  • 2022 will see a greater increase in video traffic. YouTube, which is a video-sharing site, boasts more than 2.3 million active accounts. They watch a variety of videos from education and entertainment.
  • Video is fast becoming the best way to learn. Students are now more inclined to watch videos than reading. They can understand and remember the information better.
  • New technology innovations like smart TVs make video-assisted teaching more popular.
  • This trend is also alive and well in distance learning where students learn by using their electronic devices. Videos enhance the understanding of the content and enrich the lessons. It helps teachers reduce their workload and improves the outcome of students.


Distributed Ledger Technology also brings blessings to education. Education can reap the benefits of blockchain technology. Data storage is now simple and efficient thanks to blockchain technology.

Every new data block can be added to the system using this technology.

This technology allows for almost unlimited storage. Because data is encrypted and can be shared with other computers, it is extremely secure.

This technology allows transparent data transacting and is decentralized. Blockchain technology allows for the verification of knowledge and skills through massive open online courses and ePortfolios.

This technology solves the problems associated with scaling, authentication, as well as cost for eLearning organizations. It allows students and teachers to share student accomplishments while searching for work.

This is one of the most innovative and powerful technologies currently available. It has greatly improved education.

Virtual Reality. Artificial Reality. Immersive Technology

Artificial Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Reality are among the most recent trends in educational technology.

These techs can create realistic scenarios that students can use.

These techniques are extremely useful in many fields of education, especially the medical one. Medical students can now perform surgical procedures instead of simply watching video demonstrations. The technology not only allows students to learn the basics but also helps them to discover rare treatments. This technology is rapidly rising in popularity in the educational industry.

This technology creates new and enhanced learning experiences for students, and is more immersive than any other EdTech. They are digital environments that increase comprehension. This extraordinary experience inspires students not only to learn but also to travel to new places.


Gamification is an exciting trend in educational technology. It makes learning more fun. Engaging students through gamification is a great way of keeping them engaged.

Students can practice and learn much quicker by engaging in exciting gaming activities. Students will now be able to learn in a fun and positive environment thanks to gaming. I mean that gamification is a theory that teaches learners how to have fun and learn best. Also learn best when they have targets, goals, and achievements to work towards, but in a way that the learner still finds enjoyable.


The world is constantly changing and evolving, and education is no exception. Innovative technology has made significant improvements in education. These technologies have been adopted by many sectors of education to improve teaching methods and learn better.

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