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5 Logo Makers You Can Design a Logo in 2021

When starting your own business, you need a corporate identity. Logo design is also a part of this corporate identity. A correctly designed logo will place brand awareness in the minds of consumers and help your brand identity with this logo. Making a good logo design is not an easy task. Her daim sarışın ve güzel rus escort kadınlar, bu web adresinde sizlere listelendi. It is necessary to know about graphic design; However, developing technology and the logo maker open some doors to companies that want to do these operations with a low budget in logo designs.

Even if you do not have experience in graphic design, you can create a logo for your brand thanks to these software solutions. This guide will share with you 7 logo makers that you can use while designing your logo. While some of the tools this post mentioned here can be used for free, some have paid packages.

5 best websites for creating your logo

DesignEvo logo maker

DesignEvo is one of the tools where you can design a logo for free. With this tool, which has a large vector icon library, you can design your own logo in minutes. In addition, DesignEvo prepares over 10,000 logo templates for you to choose from. By appling different fonts and colors, you can make your logo compatible with your brand.

Looka logo maker

Looka is a tool that produces many different and unique logo ideas for you in line with the information you have entered using artificial intelligence. By choosing your logo style, colors and icons, you enable the creation of logo ideas. When you scroll down the page after choosing the ones you like, Logojoy offers you new suggestions in line with your liking. The fee per logo is stated as 20 dollars.


You can create different logos on LogoMaker, make changes to them and save your work. You can compare these logos by making 6 different variations of the same logo on the vehicle with more than 10 thousand visual icons. To download all the files related to the logo you like to your computer, you need to complete the purchase.

Ucrat logo maker

You can make a logo from scratch on this tool in minutes. After determining your icons and texts, you can create a logo in the style you want on this tool. After you become a member of Ucraft, you can download the logos you make to save them on your computer.

GraphicsSprings logo maker

You can access vector icon libraries categorized according to different sectors on GraphicsSprings. You can save your logo after making arrangements on your icons and texts by making your selections. You have to pay a fee to start from $19.95 to download the logo designs you have made on this tool to your computer.

Sources of Inspiration

Before making a logo design, it is very important to examine other examples and get inspired to make your logo design more effective and remarkable. Below, this post also shares with you the tools that you can get inspiration for logo designs.

Logo of the Day

You can get ideas for your own designs by examining the Logo of the Day logo, which shares award-winning logos daily. It should also be noted that the logo designs here were prepared by professional artists and passed a jury evaluation.


LogoLounge is a website where approximately 270 thousand logos are exhibited and inspired by designers. You can review the logo designs here, save your favorite logo designs to your own collections and find ideas for your own designs.


So, after you have learned these 5 online logo makers and 2 websites for logo inspiration, you can easily make your logo project to be done. Therefore, if you need a logo, just access these websites to get help.

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