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5 Most Common Geyser Problems and Their Solutions

The lack of hot water is relevant in remote villages and towns, suburban houses in the private sector, and apartments in apartment buildings. This is why geysers remain in demand and are in demand.

However, as with any technical equipment, in the gas columns at specific periods of use, malfunctions appear that interfere with regular operation. One of the most common problems – the flame in the gas column does not ignite. You can book geyser repair services to resolve the issue. Or you can consider the below-mentioned causes of this problem and the methods to eliminate them.

Why Does the Speaker Not Turn on Or Turn Off?

Violations that periodically occur in the operation of such devices are not associated with technical faults but with depreciation during the process. Like any technical tool, geysers must be carried out periodically Maintenance.

List of Major Faults:

  • It is impossible to start work from the first attempt to ignite;
  • attenuation of the wick;
  • attenuation of ignition when changing the power of water supply through the tap on the mixer;
  • poor water heating;
  • the igniter goes out periodically;
  • low water pressure through the gas line system.

If these malfunctions occur, it is unnecessary to geyser services since some of them can be solved independently by performing a certain working algorithm and observing the safety rules.

If batteries are used to start the column, it is necessary to check their operation. And in case of discharge, replace with new batteries.

Provided the problem persists, the next step is to check the chimney. Any ingress of debris and even the accumulation of soot volume on the chimney walls can lead to failure – lack of draft. Keeping the chimney clean is a necessity that will prevent carbon monoxide from getting inside.

In the absence of a traction sensor that constantly monitors the level of traction during operation, you can check for its presence yourself. It is enough to use a burning match, which must be brought into the hole in the column. The absence of a flame bias will indicate an obstructed ventilation system. Turn off the column and clean the chimney.

Problem # 1 – Low Water Pressure

This is determined visually when the faucet is opened.

If the pressure is sufficient, the problem may be:

  • contamination of the water system strainer;
  • in the pollution of the water system itself;
  • blockage in the mixer filter.

If the first problem can be easily solved by washing the strainer, then to solve the second and third problems, it will be necessary to unscrew the pipes at the inlet, having previously cut off the gas and water supply rinse the system. Special cleaning agent.

Problem # 2 – Low Gas Pressure

This malfunction should never be solved by yourself. Be sure to contact a specialist.

The incorrectly adjusted igniter may be the reason for column malfunction. This happens when the gas pressure in the line does not match the type of igniter. In the event of low pressure, the gas required for ignition goes down. For a more stable operation of the ignition system, it is necessary to mount an electrode that produces a spark in the center of the burner.

Problem # 3 – Gas Boiler Wick Attenuation

When the wick goes out when working in a gas column, it may be due to a low gas supply. This problem can be caused—contamination of the ignition tube dust particles and soot.

To solve this, you need to remove the gas column housing and adequately disconnect the ignition tube.

When reinstalling, it is necessary to restore the tube’s tightness, connecting it to the required limit with the gas supply tube.

Problem # 4 – Column Attenuation During Operation

There are situations when the gas column of a brand suddenly comes out and stops working. It is necessary to identify how long after ignition this happens.

If the shutdown starts immediately after start-up (after 3-5 seconds), the problem is probably due to ionization sensor failure. In this case, it is necessary to check the wiring between the sensor and the control board and, if it works, to replace the sensor.

When the column turns off after a few minutes of operation, it may be due to:

  • low gas draft;
  • alarm relay sensitivity.

You can check the gas draft throughout the gas system by turning on the gas stove. If the gas supply is visually normal, the problem is the column gas supply system. To solve the problem of column attenuation during operation, you need to book geyser services.

Additionally, the draft problem can be caused by clogging the chimney or the heat exchanger pipes clogged with scale.

Another reason may be faulty functionality. Alarm relay. To do this, open the windows and properly ventilate the room. Try to start the device again. If the column works again, it is the sensitivity of the relay.

Mixing a stream of hot water with cold can also cause column damping. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to perform the adjustment correctly.

Problem # 5 – Gas Igniter Goes Out

One of the important parts of a water heater is an igniter. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the device, so it must operate continuously.

To understand why in a column of gas igniter comes out, you need to check the following probable causes:

  • thermocouple malfunction;
  • the appearance of external airflow;
  • pollution of chimneys.

To stop the unsafe operation of the gas column, one element is used – thermocouple. This is a safety device, which is to shut off the gas flow on time. In the case of an igniter that fades, it blocks the flow of gas.

Therefore, it is indispensable to book professional geyser installation services to prevent the emergence of such emergencies.

Another reason for insufficient heating of the thermocouple is dust clogging of the gas nozzle opening.

If ventilation is inadequate, the resulting air flows can cause the pilot burner to jump. It is important here not to confuse this phenomenon with the lack of draft due to pollution of the chimney. To solve the problem, you need to check the correctness of the fixing of the protective cover of the column and the absence of sources of external exposure to air.

It should be remembered that there is a mass of electronic devices, sensors, and modules in modern devices. A separate malfunction of one of them can lead to the failure of the device. Special equipment is needed to detect a malfunction.

Geyser Failure Prevention

In addition to troubleshooting, you need to know how to disassemble the gas column properly. These skills are necessary to conduct DIY Maintenance. Performing periodic preventive Maintenance throughout the life of a gas water heater will help keep it running smoothly. If you think you cannot do it yourself, book geyser services to ensure optimum working and longer life of your geyser.

After all, it is precisely the lack of cleaning during prolonged use that can lead to all of the above problems.

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