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5 Places To Visit in Kasol And Around It

On your way to Manikaran from Bhuntar or vice versa, you’ll pass through Kasol, a Kullu hamlet where nature has bestowed its blessings. This small village is located closer to Manikaran and is a backpacker’s paradise due to the numerous trekking trails and breathtaking views.

Because of the large number of Israeli visitors who come to explore this part of Himachal Pradesh, the village has earned the moniker “mini Israel of India.” With so many places to visit in and around Kasol, your time here will not be wasted.

Snowfall begins here near the end of December and lasts until February. The climate here is generally humid subtropical. Here is a list of 5 places to visit in Kasol and around it for your next trip.

River Parvati, which flows through the Parvati valley, is one of Kasol’s main attractions. The valley’s beautiful landscapes and charming riverside make this place stand out from the crowd. The most soothing and revitalising experience in Kasol is a visit to the River Parvati.

The location is suitable for sightseeing as well as a few enjoyable activities with your group. It does not offer any significant adventure activities, making it an ideal destination in Kasol for simply laying back, relaxing, and enjoying the calmness of nature.

The raging river flows north from the Man Talai Glacier, through Parvati Valley, and eventually into the Beas River near Kulu. Though it is not a vacation spot, the relate to the part of bthe conduct which appear on the trek Parvati River is a must-see in Kasol. Because the flow is too dangerous for adventure activities, you can sit quietly on the rocks by the Parvati River and be dazzled by the roaring sounds, leaving behind the clatter of daily life, if not forever, then for a while.

In the midst of all the natural beauty, there is another destination that promises a similar experience. Kheer Ganga is one of the simplest treks and also one of the best things to do in Kasol. It is approximately nine kilometres long and winds through easy trails that lead uphill.

To one’s surprise and delight, once at the top, one can unwind and rejuvenate in the hot water spring that arises at the top of the hill. This is not a trek that can be completed anywhere else! You can also rest on top of the hill for a night or two; the nearby hamlets have a variety of lodging options.

  • Indrahar Pass 

This is primarily a mountain pass that is also one of India’s top hiking destinations. The trek begins at the Galu temple, which is located in the Dhauladhar range in the Himalayan section. Dharamsala is home to the Galu temple.You’ll pass through Triund, which is a camping area, on the way. You should stop by the Caves Lahesh . The Triund and Lahesh Caves are popular camping spots for hikers passing through the Grand Indrahar pass in Kasol. The journey concludes in Chamba

The climbing endeavor permits you to see the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges. The hike is moderately difficult. You hike through green pastures and dense forests along the way. These are Deodar and Rhododendron jungles, and if you’ve never been to a tropical forest, you’re in for a treat. You also walk the ancient Gaddi Shepherds trail.

  • Malana Village 

Malana, a small hamlet in Himachal that has isolated itself from the rest of the world, is guarded by the majestic peaks of Chandrakhani and Deotibba. This tranquil setting is a visual treat for tourists and a leading attraction in Kasol.

Trekking is one of the top activities to do in Kasol if you want to experience the tranquillity of the area for yourself. This village’s mesmerising terrains and distinct culture are one of a kind and well worth a visit. The town is otherwise called the “Little Greece of India.”

  • Tosh village

Tosh, another rural destination in Kasol, is a green treat for tourists who visit the area. One of the finest treks in Kasol can be found here. The best way to get to this village is to hike up the hill and marvel at the incredible beauty of this small township in Kasol. The fascinating hilltop view and soothing trekking experience will keep you entertained throughout the day.

While exploring other places to visit in Kasol, you can stop by one of the cafes in this area. If you want to check off Tosh village, you should plan on having a more European experience.

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