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5 Strategies Of Gaming Application Monetization!

There are a lot of gaming applications, and the competition in the niche is very high, so it is not that easy to obtain the traffic and monetize it. The mere presence of an app in Google Play or the App Store is not enough. Below we offer you gaming application monetization strategies that really work.

How to monetize gaming applications

  1. Programmatic advertising is very convenient, and lucrative. It allows you to find the most suitable platforms, on a real-time basis, and place your ads, for the price you are willing to pay. The advantage of this method is that the ad inventory is being, searched for in every place, with your targeted audience. This means that your gaming, the application is going to be shown, to those interested in products. Similar to yours, thus, making the conversion rate rather high.
  2. Paid and free versions – you offer them to your users, with the free version. offering a much narrower set of gaming options. Does the user want more possibilities? It is not a problem, a paid version has additional features. which can be downloaded, and installed for a relatively low price.
  3. Paid additional features. This strategy is somehow similar to the previous one, the difference being that there is only a free app version where the users can purchase additional tools that make the game easier and more fun. In the case of a gaming app, these can be represented by certain possibilities in the course of the game.
  4. Paid subscription. The application itself is free to download, however, the content and the instruments are charged for. Does the user want to use additional features? They are welcome and only need to subscribe. Yet, in gaming applications, this strategy is not really feasible and it is a better option for service applications.
  5. Paid download. Sometimes the app is in such high demand that the users are ready to pay for it at once. However, this strategy needs to be preceded by a powerful advertising campaign to obtain trust and be recognizable.

The most efficient gaming app monetization strategy

Programmatic advertising has proven to be the best way to monetize mobile applications. With its help, you can promote your product around the world and on various platforms. This allows you to obtain the targeted audience who will download your app, which is the most important factor for monetization. Then, you will be able to sell the involved users paid options and subscriptions, as well as use your application inventory to other advertisers who will pay you for it.

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