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5 Types of Fonts Every Professional Designer Needs to Use

You are a designer, therefore, you have fonts. Many of them. Maybe more than the honorable person you should, and you are still looking for more. They start for sale, you buy it. They are free, you get it – never know when you will need it, right?

Yes, the font is fun. But there are several types that you need, even if that’s what you don’t need to want. If you are a mechanic, you will not expect to survive with just one set of sockets. No, you have a tool box full of locks, hammers, screwdrivers, and special tools because good mechanics know that their tools are their livelihoods.

Fonts Every Professional Designer Needs

The same thing applies to your fonts, and therefore, to get it The metaphorical house, you need to fill your tool box with a certain type of font to succeed. You can also get different font styles from aesthetic fonts generator.


I mean, we must start with clear things here, because, well, that’s clear. Font screen set your web page, articles, or design. This is a flash and style that attracts attention. And who doesn’t like good display fonts? There’s nothing I want to get with chocolate milkshakes, that’s certain.

My personal taste with the board range display font, but I have something for fonts with steampunk-y vibrations or handwriting. Heartland is a good example of the last, and Java Hertitages for the last. And you know what will always swing me to one font above the other? Bonus. Extra. Luxury goods. Give me a layered font with all kinds of alternating styles and I overcome them. This is an addiction that I don’t want to kick.

Glyphic symbols & fonts

The beauty of fonts included in the category of symbols is the specificity. Say you compile a collection of each state in the United States, and all have additional graphics elements. You can get a vector file, or just buy a font that has everything, like Mapglyphs.

Maybe you need a few arrows for your next project – arrows drawn by your hands have your back. Or say you just want an icon, there are fonts like a list that has everything you need and more. So yes, while each font has the purpose of its use, many are quite flexible in their applications.

Glific symbols or fonts have very narrow use, but what you might need. That happened to me a few days ago. I was working on a project for my company when I realized that instead of re -creating the wheels and doing a lot of work myself, I can buy fonts that do work for me.


Back when I was a novice designer, I united almost all font blackletters into the category that I called “Old School.” I used to build special cars and trucks, and at that time I liked this traditional lowriders and trucks in 1960s, usually with white flow and four pump setups.

But the big one is a plaque in the back window, usually done in the font blackletter of several types, pointing to whom they are. I have never built a lowrider or joined one of the clubs, but for me, that is the font blackletter. Today, not too much. Look at our blackletter category.

See something that will be seen in the house under the back glass of Impala ’59? Of course, maybe a few. But most of them are a variety of different styles that match the mold. Look at Dramaga, for example. If I play in a metal band, I will consider this font for our logo.


Good handwritten fonts are commensurate with their weight in gold. You can use it as an accent, for branding purposes, in the killer design, for the title, and the option continues from there. You can break it into a handwritten font that is done with a marker, such as having a heart.

Bonjour seems to be finished with watercolors and fat brushes, while coincidentally more like thin markers or brushes. And there are so many other variations that you can get lost in their ocean if you are not careful.


This will look stupid to say, but you need a good body font. It seems clear, right? Of course you want a body font, because that’s what you use on most of your website or copy of your design. But too often the designer focuses on flash and flare from headlines, attraction offers, or additional designs, and ignores the rest.

Do not do it. Instead, get yourself a good collection of body fonts so you can have the flexibility to do what you want with a copy you have. Need advice? I like two: Proxima Nova and Optima. Proxima Nova is a good sans-serif font that I have used for a long time, and I like it because of its flexibility. This is modern, but not excessive, and there are many variations so I have many choices.

Optima is funny because I found it when I wrote an article about the death of Hermann Zapf. I have used it in everything from copy of the body to the list that must be done, and now my wife uses it for her CAD work. Fun Fact: If you don’t pay attention, the creative market has just turned to Averta as a copy of the site’s body. This type of letter is designed by the shop owner Kostas Bartsokas.

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