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5 Ways To Revamp Your Brand


What makes a logo perfect? This is a question that may arrive in your mind several times and when you start to list important factors, you think of a variety of things to cover. But in actual not everything is as important as you think. After extensive research, we have listed 5 essential factors that you can use to make a logo perfect.

A good logo is unique, suitable, practical, visual, basic in form, and expresses a certain message and making that logo is not so difficult. When it comes to creating a memorable and effective brand identity, it’s important to keep in mind the following,

  1. Simple
  2. Unforgettable
  3. Perpetual
  4. Versatile
  5. Relevant

1.   Simple

An easy-to-recognize logo design permits the mark to be adaptable and memorable. In order for a logo to be effective, it must be simple and original without being overdone.

The K.I.S.S. Principle, stands for Keep It Simple Stupid is actually made to communicate the simplicity and design aspect.

Simple logos are the easiest to remember, the most notable, and the most successful in communicating the client’s needs. Any potential customer passing by a billboard in a speedy car, a walkthrough or advertisement on social media will notice the brand and logo in seconds and it’ll be striking only if it’s simple and they’ll be able to understand it.

Keep in mind that the world’s leading shoe manufacturer’s brand identity is based on a single visual swoosh (a tick), yes I am talking about Nike!

2.   Unforgettable

The notion of unforgettable follows fast on the heels of the principle of simplicity. Having a simple, but a relevant logo is the best way to make a logo design unforgettable.

Some people also say that the logo should be aligned to the business needs, products and services. However, it is not always true because maybe you have a variety of products that you cannot depict in your logo or plan to change your services but keep the logo the same. There is no resemblance of a tick with shoe manufacturing but yet the logo is unforgettable.

In no way does this mean that appropriateness is a bad thing. To say that it’s hard to develop a one-to-one correspondence between a sign and what it represents is an understatement. But it might also work well for you, for example you are a N.G.O. working for the environment and you have a green logo depicting nature. All that matters in the end is that the sole need for logo design is that the final product be unique and unforgettable.

3.   Perpetual

This means that a good logo should be able to stand timelessly. Do you think your logo will still be relevant in ten, twenty, thirty, or even fifty years? In no, then rethink your logo!

Staying current with trends is excellent for the fashion industry, but it’s best to create a logo that leaves a perpetual impact when it comes to your brand’s long-term success. It even better if leave them to the experts, you can avail custom logo design service or type on google ‘professional logo design near me’ and have the best professional logo design services. So when it comes to logo, don’t go along with the crowd, in fact make it distinctive yet perpetual!

The Coca-Cola logo is one of the greatest examples of a logo that has stood the test of time.

4.   Versatile

In order for a logo to be successful, it must be able to operate in a range of contexts. There should be a purpose to the logo. As a result, the design of a logo should be done in such a versatile format, so that it may be resized and seen to any dimension.

Is a logo still effective if the following is the case,

  • Is this a one-color print?
  • Printed on something the size of a postage stamp?
  • Printed on a billboard larger in size?
  • Reversed printing

The more colors you use in your company’s logo, the more expensive it will be for your company in the long run. You may avoid developing a multipurpose logo by starting with a black-and-white design instead of becoming bogged down in the nuances of colors.

In order to avoid printing issues in the future, one should familiarize themselves with the commercial printing process. Type’ Logo design U.S.A.’ on google and found out about the detailed procedures before creating a logo perfect.

5.   Relevant

By relevance, we do not mean that you align your logo with your product or service. It just mean you should use such colors or themes that depicts your brand identity. For example, if you are a toy shop, you can use a childlike face or bright color themes. You should represent your business idea in the logo, not the specific product.

You can search for ‘logo designers near me‘ and hire a designer in case you need any expert help!

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