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6 Advantages of Using an IT Ticketing System

Detailed information about the benefits of IT ticketing software

Also known as an IT ticketing system, an IT ticketing software enables companies to resolve their internal IT support queries. How? It manages and streamlines the ticket or issue resolution process. This software handles tickets that are basically details of the customer and their query or issue.

It also manages the tickets according to the category and priorities a company has set. Then these tickets are assigned to agents who analyze these tickets, suggest solutions, and resolve the issue. This ticketing software also keeps the history of all the solved tickets with all the details. But the first question here is why do you need a ticketing system in the first place? Because of the following reasons:

  • Data for reporting and analytics
  • A Centralized repository for requests
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • A means of tracking communications between audience and support agents
  • Create automated responses to provide 24/7 service 

Advantages of Using an IT Ticketing Software

If you choose good IT ticketing software, then it could be a worthy investment for your company. It would save a huge amount of time and money. An IT helpdesk/ticketing software has numerous other benefits over conventional methods like email. Let us know about them:

1. Employee Satisfaction

It is crucial for businesses to make sure that all their employees are getting tickets according to priority and are given adequate time to resolve them. Also, you should not make them resolve repetitive tickets because this will hamper their productivity. You can have FAQs and let the chatbot give the answers and suggestions of the repetitive tickets. 

Using a helpdesk ticketing system helps you to streamline the process and ensures that all interactions with the employees and customers are efficient, relevant, and provide quick resolution. Additionally, some IT ticketing software also supports multichannel interactions. This allows the customers to use the channel of their choice to reach out to the IT support team.

2. Efficient Ticket Resolution

With a helpdesk ticketing system, agents do not need to switch between multiple inboxes, color-coded tags, and complex folder structures. You can easily just integrate your support email inbox into your support chat software. This will convert all incoming emails into tickets. This way, your agents can work at their utmost working capacity in resolving more tickets in a shorter period.

3. Ticket Prioritization

If you have a ticket from an office employee requesting to fix the bug in their computer system and a ticket from the client to fix a bug in their product then you need to decide which ticket should be the priority here? Obviously, the client, right? But it would be so tedious to manually prioritize the tickets, thus you need a service management system that does this task for you. 

You just need to set the priorities in the system and it will arrange the tickets accordingly. And it will show the tickets that need high attention on the top. So, every time your agents open the system they get the requests as per priorities. This will save them time.

4. Includes SLAs

A service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between the service provider and the consumer. This contract documents the two primary elements of ticket resolution – response time and resolution time. These elements help in setting expectations between both parties. A quality helpdesk management system will surely include SLA policies as one of the top features. Because eventually, this will help them supervise in case of breaches and for any high-priority cases. 

5. Monitoring and Reporting

From a business benefits point of view, ticketing systems also support modules to monitor and report the tickets. It even tracks the agents’ activities like their productivity levels, response and resolution time, etc. This real-time data from the reports help business managers to make informed decisions and plan better business strategies accordingly.

6. Service Desk Efficiency

The most significant benefit of using ticketing software for your business is that it streamlines the operations of your entire support team and improves their efficiency. In traditional methods, an agent might need to go through several email inboxes, activity logs, customer databases, etc., which could be highly laborious. 

But, ticketing software eliminates this inconvenience. How? By centralizing all your customer data, priorities, ticket status, tags, labels, associated SLAs, etc., in one place. It also brings various communication channels like email, phone, and live chat together into one platform for your support team to manage.

If all the above benefits inspired you to have a ticketing system in your IT company, then you might be wondering what to do next? You can buy a ready-to-use product from a software solution-providing company. They will even help you to set up the whole system with your business’s system.

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