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You've probably heard the phrase "the eyes are the windows of the soul'. In reality, our eyes need some help in looking breathtaking! Take a look at MASCARA!

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the eyes are the windows of the soul’. In reality, our eyes need some help in looking breathtaking! Take a look at MASCARA!

MASCARA is the final finish for the flawlessly done eye. Without it, we’re practically naked. We all don’t know all about makeup and most often, we overlook MASCARA facts-dailywold!

Mascara expires in 3-5 months: Yes, mascara does expire. The average lifespan is about three months. If you do not you’re at risk of contracting infection with bacteria if do not get rid of the mascara you’ve used for a while.

Don’t toss the wand away It’s not a good idea to dispose of the cosmetics due to their expiry date, but preserving the wand is something you should consider doing. Clean the wand and then make use of it to serve as a “spoolie” brush to groom your eyebrows.

Utilizing Baby Powder with your mascara will create magic. To get the most out of the mascara you use, apply powder to your lashes with baby powder with a cotton swab just prior to applying the mascara to give an extra lush appearance.

There’s a certain item that your eye makeup is missing, it is a mascara that can make the biggest impact with a minimum of effort. While it could be an ordinary item that you have in your makeup kit the power of a good mascara should not be ignored. We didn’t realize that this tiny wonder contains several fascinating facts about it, and we’ve collected a few of them for you!

Make use of your WAND

Make use of your wand (not the Harry Potter’s)! A mascara wand can be efficient to save regardless of whether the mascara formula is expired. After you’ve finished using your mascara, make sure you clean and keep the brush. The wand can be used to comb your eyebrows, assisting you to achieve a smoky, groomed eyebrow look! Another benefit of a mascaras wand is that it could be used to regulate baby hair and hold the hair in place, creating a smooth style for a sleek back hairdo or a chic tie-up!

Good Things Come to an Ende

Even though you might not wish that to be the case, makeup will actually expire. True, but sad. The average time of life for mascara lasts about 3 to five months. If you use it, it could cause infections and ultimately cause damage to the eyelashes-dailywold.com which is not what we wish for!

Always Make sure to remove it

One thing that famous makeup moguls trust in making sure you clean your makeup off prior to going to bed, and the same applies to mascara. The act of putting on mascara overnight could cause dry eyes that aren’t great in the long run as it can cause dryness-dailywold. Make use of a cleanser that removes the makeup with just one stroke.

Waterproof is not 100% waterproof.

While we are of the opinion that waterproof mascaras are a great way to stop smudging in summers or during the rainy season but it’s not recommended to wear them every day. Because waterproof mascaras tend to remain longer in place and the constant tugging on the lashes could result in them becoming weaker and ultimately cause to the fall. Therefore, you can make sure you use mascara with waterproof properties that won’t cause harm to your lashes, and not every day.

The Perfect Balancing Act!

We cherish you so much and we want to reveal the secret! The best way to apply your makeup flawlessly without making it get smudged is to keep your mouth closed. It’s normal to keep your mouth open when applying mascaras or kohl and this instinctual one is certainly beneficial! When your mouth is open, it is more difficult to blink, which makes applying mascara easier! This means that moment you next apply your mascara do not worry about your mouth is wide open since it’s actually helping out-dailywold.

Verify that you have sealed the deal

After all the effort into making sure you are hypnotizing those lashes, it’s difficult to discern if it has smudged. Therefore, you should coat it using clear mascara. It will strengthen your eyelashes, and also prevent them from getting smudged on the gorgeous eye makeup.

Select the Right Mascara Shade

If you believed that the shade of your foundation and lipstick has no importance don’t think twice! Selecting the correct hue for mascaras is also crucial. While black mascaras can open your eyes and gives you more of a fuller look but you need to be sure that it’s the perfect shade for you. If you’re fair-skinned or have blonde hair, black mascara could be too strong. Choose brown mascaras that match your hair’s colour and skin.

I hope these tips and tricks will be helpful next time you decide to put on some glam! Stay beautiful and beautiful-dailywold!

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