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6 Tips to Protect Your Lips from Cold, Dry Winter Weather

Winter can be difficult, even for those who love cold temperatures. In the end, no one likes clearing their driveways in the early hours of five a.m. or putting on three layers of clothes to get to the grocery store.

But winter is the most difficult season for your lips, as they are often dry, chapped and cracked.

Why do my lips become dry or chapped?

It’s not surprising that winter weather could cause lips to become chapped. A combination of frigid, frigid wind outside as well as dry, hot interior air — can combine to cause your lips to become dry and dry and.

If you are outside You may not be thinking about protecting your lips right away.

“Keep on your toes that if you venture out in the cold, you could be able to dress your entire body,”

“But all too often the mouth is the last thing you take care of. Sometimes , you don’t cover it all in the first place which leaves your lips open to winter’s harsher conditions.”

And there’s a reason why, as you’ll see your lips don’t have the same type of skin that all the other areas of your body.

“Lips are a particular kind of skin that’s fragile and thin that is to say they do need some extra care,”

“Our lips dry 10 times more rapidly than the other skin on our faces So it’s crucial to apply extra protection.”

Solutions for lips that are chapped

It’s good to know that there are many options to repair chapped lips along with good habits to adopt in order to maintain your lips soft and healthy throughout winter. Here are six suggestions to keep in mind:

Apply a lip balm made of an ointment-based

This treatment will hold in moisture and aid to heal splits and cracks on the skin. Choose an ointment to heal that is made of the essential oil of petrolatum, or Glycerin.

Beware of cosmetics that contain camphor, eucalyptus, and menthol.

The ingredients may initially be like a soothing scent, but in reality cause dry lips and can make the issue more pronounced. If your lips start to become dry and itchy You apply more of lip balm and the cycle repeats.

Make sure that your lip balm has sunscreen

Another essential ingredient in lip balms is sunscreen. Even in the colder weather, the sun is still shining during winter. The lips are still susceptible to getting burnt and are more prone to burning than other parts of your face because the lips are thinner and more delicate.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is said to be beneficial to your skin, and that includes your sensitive lips.

Don’t lick your lips

If your lips dry, it’s normal to desire to lick them to keep them moist. However, licking your lips results in the opposite. “Once you apply saliva to your lips, this causes them to dry out more quickly which makes your lips more dry overall.”

“Plus the enzymes present in saliva, which are intended to digest food particles are injurious to lips.”

Don’t bite, scrub or rub the lips if they’re peeling, flaking, or flaking.

It is possible that you feel the desire to get rid of that irritable, nagging sensation that peeling and flaking results in because, at the end of the day, it feels more comfortable in a lip that is soft! But, you must avoid that urge.

“It’s safer not to scratch your lips or pull the peeling skin with your fingers or teeth,”

“That can cause wrinkles and sores on your lips, and could cause further damage. Apply a thick ointment-based cream that can be soothing and assist in healing your lips.”

Be aware about caring for lips that are chapped

Take care of cracks and peeling promptly. If you allow chapped lips to go, they could get worse, and possibly become being infected or leading to cold sores. For instance herpes simplex tends to strike those whose immune systems are weak and this happens more frequently during winter. If your lips peel dry, cracked, and dry it does not aid the problem and creates an environment suitable for the annoying virus since your defenses are weak.

How to avoid chapped lips

In the beginning, protecting your lips during your bedtime, morning and outing routine is the best option. “Buy some balm or ointment stick and put one in front of your bed. You can also carry one in your purse or in your car to ensure you always have it available,” says Dr. Piliang. Consider also applying a humidifier to your bedroom at night to ensure that the air inside your home is dry due to the heater.

Make sure you apply lip balm prior to when you go to bed each evening. Most people fall asleep by opening their mouths. A long period of breathing through your mouth can dry your lips.

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