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6 Trends Likely To Shape HR In 2022!

Hi-touch employees experience takes over

Each of these trends are likely to help transform HR by 2022 or beyond. However, none of them can be successful without putting people first. The outbreak showed the fragility of life and forced people to concentrate on the things that are most important : their health and well-being.

They are investments in business, not expenses. However, many companies didn’t arrive at the conclusion they should have made that when there are fewer candidates employers must change their thinking. “The Great Resignation of 2021 dramatically changed the dynamics to the benefit of both applicants and employees all over the world. Employers are now recognizing that attracting and retaining employees is a matter of investing in their employees’ well being vs. the balance of work and life. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of HR[HR Software] executives responded in the survey that well-being of employees as well as mental wellbeing was their top priority.

This is also evident in the growing emphasis placed on “soft” skills which have been for years undervalued by employers. They’re finally receiving the recognition they merit. From frontline employees to top executives, companies are realising how important interpersonal abilities are to the overall achievement of teams and organisations.

Technology at the forefront

The management of the massive amounts of data that are necessary with the various individuals is a nearly impossible feat without the aid of technology. It’s not enough to manage it. HR has to analyse, strategize, and predict trends and know not just what’s happening, but also why they are changing.

However, this can only happen only if HR can automatize, reduce or outsource lower value administrative tasks with the help of cutting-edge technology.

  • Cloud-based cloud-based systems are long gone. Cloud-based systems provide 24/7 access from any location and zero downtime (remember server problems? ) or data loss.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) improves processes such as recruiting smart forms, engagement with candidates and access on demand, chatbots, and more. AI is in operation even when human teams aren’t.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows for the automation that is needed for administrative tasks so that teams can concentrate on their strategy.
  • COVID compliance tracking A global pandemic could have anticipated the need to monitor compliance with the restrictions and mandates. Spreadsheets are wonderful, but technology is the most safe and secure method to handle conflicting and constantly evolving requirements, as well as Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • Gamification is a method of playing games to improve the engagement of employees and candidates.

But Hi-tech doesn’t only mean the technology that manages data of people. Employees will have to be educated on the latest technology, and HR will have to participate with their learning in a variety of ways.

Learner-centred learning that benefits the employee

Today, employees and candidates choose businesses they’d like to be employed by based largely on the possibility of advancement and professional development and that’s especially true when it’s technologically advanced and mobile. Therefore, their learning requirements have to be tailored to their specific requirements and learning style.

  • Mobile – Designed to work on any mobile device (tablets and cell phones etc.)
  • Micro-learning that is digestible and easily digestible. Short flashes of knowledge that are followed with reminders time-spaced to make use of the information or skill you have just acquired to aid retention
  • On-demand AI is available on demand AI offers immediate feedback, information and also access
  • Simulated, real-world scenarios allow learners to apply their skills

4 Corporations that are heart-felt will be distinguished

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been an important issue for employees. However, as well as their personal lives they are now increasingly requiring employers to be accountable for their contributions to (or the absence in) corporate social obligation.

Social activism is increasing all over the world In large part due to the younger generation of workers who demand employers accept responsibility and actively participate in societal improvements.

And they’re more likely to leave from companies that don’t.

5 . The road from equality to equity

Diversity, inclusion, belonging, equity. These aren’t the trendy words of the day and they’re not only about complying with the law. Making sure you’re doing it correctly is an essential part of business.

Each of them has played a part in bringing underrepresented groups into the fold. However, the focus for 2022 onwards will focus on the achievement of true equity. Equity is all about active participation in the society and control or ownership to the same degree like all other people.

With this at heart, check out our easy guide to create an D&I strategy guide within your company filled with ideas and suggestions to help you begin.

6 Human capital is the most important factor

The concentration on human capital can bring it back to its place of origin in the form of people. The radical changes that have resulted from the pandemic have changed the way employers view their employees. Business leaders who are smart have noticed the coming trend, however workers are driving the change.

Considering employees as human capital as well as investment assets as business assets changes the purpose of business. investing in initiatives and technology that continuously enhance the productivity of employees and offer a more enjoyable work environment is a competitive advantage.

Are you a victim of trend overload?

Trends sound fashionable. However, that’s actually a positive thing. They are a signpost of where the future is heading in contrast to trends that don’t have a long-term future. The necessity for change is the cause of some of the most innovative innovations that can make working more enjoyable.

The trend of watching trends in the workforce isn’t new. The future is here. It’s also progress.

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