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7 Best Apps You Need When Travelling to Miami

We bring you the ten best apps by leading app developers in Miami that you must download on your phone.

Are you visiting the city of white-sand beaches?

The city is mainly known for its beaches and cuisine but has some great sightseeing places that you can get tired of.

However, with travelling to a new place, several challenges and drawbacks need to be put in place.

And to help you with, we bring you the ten best Miami apps by leading app developers in Miami that you must download on your phone.

From travelling to dining and staying, there is an app for everything.

So, let’s get started.

1. Miami International Airport: MIA

For starters, since this article is about essential apps you need to travel to the Magic City, the first one is the Miami International Airport app.

As an international hub of the country, finding locations, travelling to different terminals, and looking for good restaurants can be difficult.

And that’s what this app helps you with.

The app gives you detailed directions to restaurants and recommends shopping spots to find everything you need.

Moreover, the Miami app also estimates the walking time to your terminal so that you can enjoy the shopping spree without getting late or missing your flight.

In addition to this, you can always track your flight and departure timings, receive updates on the baggage carousel, and resolve your queries with the MIA’s Chatbot assistant.

2. Translate Professional: A Miami App To Help You Communicate

Are you having a hard time understanding and communicating in Spanish?

No Worries, we have an app to help you with that.

Translate professional is the perfect option that can help you with some handy Spanish to communicate with the locals there.

Or better yet, when coming across any Brazilian travellers having a lot of travel stories to share, the app helps you with that too.

What’s more?

Translate Professional is a free app available to android and iOS users that comes with support in more than 40 languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, German, and more.

And the best thing, it does not need an internet connection to keep you sorted when talking to people in your non-native language.

3. PayByPhone Parking: Your Perfect Parking Partner

Whether you are travelling to Miami or already a resident there, parking is a genuine issue if you travel across the city in your private vehicle.

And that’s when Florida’s most popular parking app, PayByPhone Parking, comes into the picture, with 75% of residents and visitors using it in Miami alone.

Licensed by the Miami Parking Authority, the app allows users to pay for parking using their credit cards.

Plus, this Miami app comes with a simple UI and feature set. All you have to do is register for a free account, enter your zone number, and specify the time duration (up to two hours).

With the built-in timer feature, the app starts sending notifications as soon as the timer is expiring, so you can extend the time and avoid parking tickets.

4. 7 News Weather: A Weather update-based Miami App

With everything that is beautiful and popular about the city, the weather here can definitely be unpredictable at times.

And that may ruin your day out at the beach.

So, to avoid that, here’s the best weather app for Florida, the 7 News Weather app.

Despite several weather apps that are popular for providing similar features, 7 News Weather is specifically an optimal choice for Miamians.

Among some salient features of the app, it shows current weather conditions and forecasts on an hourly basis. Also, the app offers excellent weather radar, storm tracking, and other weather information to help you plan your day.

The app Miami is perfect for boaters as well and provides recommendations and warnings for up to six different locations.

5. Yelp: A Miami App to Help you Make Right Choices

Travelling to new places and trying new restaurants there have their own perks. However, it can always go down the drain.

There can be experiences when going to a new restaurant can be no less than a nightmare.

To avoid such situations, here’s an app to help you in exploring new places, Yelp.

The app brings you to all the reviews, good and bad, and everything that can help you make a sound decision about trying new food.

Also, the app is now integrated with Eat24, so you don’t have to worry about ordering food, getting it delivered, or taking it away from pick0up points.

Yelp is also available to both android and iOS users and easy to download directly from the website.

6. Oliom App

When it comes to travelling, a major concern is to manage clean and dirty clothes separate, so you end up having nothing to wear.

What’s more dreading is to find a laundry where you could get the clothes washed, pressed, and folded for you.

Although several hotels offer such services, they often cost you an arm and a leg. To help you with that, here’s the perfect, reasonable, and affordable solution for you.

Oliom App connects you with some affordable laundry service in your area of stay in Miami that can bring back your clothes in less than six hours.

Just place your query and get someone to pick your clothes, wash them and bring them back clean and folded within a span of a day, using your location-based services

7. Zeel App: Find Best Relaxation Spot with this Miami App 

Next in line is another Miami app, the Zeel App; an on-demand service app that brings you spa and relaxation service to your doorstep.

You would agree that travelling to a new place is partly for exploring and partly to have a relaxed time with your loved ones or alone.

And getting spa services right at your hotel room in Miami, what could be better than that?

One of the salient features of the app is that it doesn’t take much to make a booking, and the therapist visits you the same day, on an hour’s notice.

Just choose the type of massage you’re in a mood to get, set the time for it, and voila, it’s all done in just a few clicks.

Rest is already done by the app while you enjoy your spa time.

Wrap Up

Miami, the Magic City, is known for a lot of tourists spot and some exquisite dine-in areas. However, travelling in Miami comes with its own perks and challenges.

So, while you wish to enjoy your time exploring the city, keeping the following Miami travel apps on your phone can keep everything sorted for you.

while these Miami travel apps have all the travel solutions, they make sure to keep your trip sorted and memorable.

Moreover, these apps can definitely improve your travelling and me-time.

So, what’s stopping you from trying these amazing apps Miami travel apps?


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