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7 Greatest and Richest Super Bowl MVPs of All Time

Are you also a super bowl fan and wish to become a part of the super bowl but lack the means to do so? The profits accrued to the bettors upon betting on the super bowl is the major incentive that attracts bettors to the super bowl. 

If you look at the super bowl legacy, you’ll come to know about the players who have earned great fame and money by betting on the super bowl. But no average sports bettor can make out to the super bowl as it only takes the best talent. 

Once you become a part of the super bowl, there’s no going back. Every player’s dream is to earn the super bowl’s most valuable player award, but not everyone manages to do it. Still, many people ask us about the greatest and richest super bowl MVPs of all time and let us know some of the beneficiaries of the Super Bowl MVP.

Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award 

This award is presented annually to the player who has performed exceptionally well throughout the year and is the winner of the national football league. The NFL commissioner awards him with the Pete Rozelle trophy. Not only this, along with the trophy, he is also given a car. 

Are you wondering about the procedure of choosing the winner? We have got an answer to your every query concerning the super bowl. The voting takes place on the super bowl players to let the public know about the one who has won the super bowl most valuable player award. Half of the voting is from the panel side, and the other half is from the public. 

Voting Procedure 

There is a panel of 16 American football writers and broadcasters who vote for the game. Their votes account for 80% of the total vote tally. The general public will do the other 20% of voters. And you know what? All this voting takes place electronically, and you can vote either by the internet or by using cellular phones. 

The voters are asked to place their votes before the beginning of the match. But there is a provision of changing the vote by the end of the game. From each team, voters have to pick one player, and it is not allowed to coin an entire unit but only one player. 

History Of Super Bowl Winners 

Since the Super Bowl began, the award has been given annually only by SPORT magazine. Initially, the award was presented to nearly 41 players, and the most valuable player award in the first two super bowls was given to Bart Starr, belonging to Green Bay Packers.

The award was presented by the NFL consistently. The first one to win the trophy was Ottis Anderson from the New York Giants. The recent winner of the super bowl’s most valuable player was Tom Brady. Not only this, but Brady is the only player to have won the super bowl award five times. Other players have also won this award several times, such as Joe Montana three times and Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, and Eli Manning have won the same award two times. 

There was a time when the super bowl also came up with the co MVPs awards, and the winners of this were Harvey Martin and Randy White. It is 31 times that quarterbacks have been awarded this honor. 

Super Bowl Award Winners 

Year Super bowl  Winner  Team 
2021 LV Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2020 LIV Patrick Mahomes  Kansas City Chiefs
2019 LIII Julian Edelman  New England Patriots 
2018 LII Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles 
2017 LI Tom Brady  New England Patriots 
2016 50 Von MIller  Denver Broncos 
2015 XLIX Tom Brady New England Patriots 
2014 XLVIII Malcolm Smith  Seattle Seahawks
2013 XLVII Joe Falco Baltimore Ravens 
2012 XLVI Eli Manning  New York GIants 

Comparison of Super Bowl Winners 

There are multiple winners of the super bowl at times, and at other times, it is team winners only. Let us compare both with each other and know about these in-depth. 

Multiple Winners 

Multiple winners of the super bowl most valuable player award come Tom Brady of New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the top as he has won the award five times. Secondly, you have Joe Montana from the San Francisco 49ers, as he has won the award three times. Not only this, three other players have won the honor twice, such as Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, and Eli Manning. 

Team Winners 

Usually, the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots have won more Super Bowls than any other NFL franchise; still, the Dallas Cowboys have won the most Super Bowl players with seven. 

At Super Bowl V, despite losing to the Baltimore Colts, Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley was given the honor. Besides this, the Cowboys also had co MVPs on defense, such as Randy White and Harvey Martin at Super Bowl XII. 

Among the team’s most valuable player awards, the Green Bay Packers are tied for fourth with the New York Giants behind Dallas and Pittsburgh. 

Prize Money Of Super Bowl MVP

Many people are reaching out to us and asking about the prize money of the super bowl most valuable player award. Here’s an answer for the same. According to the rules, each member of the winning team will get $150,000. In the super bowl 2020 season, the winners took home $130,000 and a cash bonus of $20,000. 

Consequently, the Buccaneers will win $130,000 if they manage to win the game. On the other hand, the Chiefs will stand a chance to win $65,000 as Buccaneers have already taken $125,000 in postseason play. 

Final words 

Ensure to get insight into the super bowl MVP before proceeding with the match, as this will motivate you to perform better.

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