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7 Tips to Organize Your Small Kitchen if you live in a Teeny-Tiny Flat

Living In a Modern Apartment

Modern apartments nowadays are very different from the old houses. They are designed to be just enough for yourself and your family. They are tight, equally divided, but they are also comfortable enough if used correctly. Kitchens for example, get tight very easily if not properly arranged. The kitchen items in addition to the food, consumes large areas and makes the apartment seem small. For brighter and more spacious apartments, you need to follow some tips and hacks that will help you create more living space in your house.

How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

In order make your kitchen more spacious, you need some smart small kitchen ideas that will enhance your apartment. Firstly, you would want to consider the way your flat is divided. If your kitchen is open with the living room, it can be little tricky to create space in that area. You would want to make sure not to crowd your living room with any kitchen items. For this reason you need a smart and up-to-date small kitchen design. This includes the placement of modern, and spacious cabinets that will carry all your items.

In every house, there are some areas known as the dead space. These are empty areas in your apartment which you can’t really use. So the main aim is to try to take advantage of these areas to make your kitchen more spacious. The most obvious dead space in the kitchen is the area from the cabinets to the ceiling. The smartest idea to apply is to place wall closets. These will contain multiple cabinets reaching the ceiling, to use the largest dead space possible. In this case, you can use the high cabinets for items that you don’t use regularly while you can use the close ones for more frequently used items. In the image below, you can observe an example of the wall closet. It adds elegance and space to your small kitchen, while sparing you all the storage troubles.

Another essential tip for a small kitchen, is to place the trash bin in a cabinet. These kinds of cabinets open vertically to save space and facilitate the filling and emptying of the trash bags. Moreover, you can try to arrange your kitchen items in several ways that will save you more space. This includes placing your goods in special jars to ensure their proper display and storage. Once you place your beans and rice in such jars, you will be certain that your kitchen is perfectly organized and managed. This proper management gives you and advantage when you’re trying to increase your living space.

Bar Dining Tables


The image below shows a very exceptional small kitchen design which is the bar table. This is a great idea in order to use any lost space in the kitchen. When you place a bar table in your kitchen, you will not only be able to eat on it, but you can also use it as a kitchen counter! This is an amazing trick that will demolish the need for a huge dining table which will consume most of your house’s area.

After all, one is able to improve their apartment’s interior design and division in order to create more space. There are limitless ideas and tips that you can follow to take the most advantage of your modern, tight apartment. And most importantly, one is able to modify and improve their kitchen in order to provide more comfort and space!

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