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Is your website giving the results you expected? The way to know if the objectives you have set for yourself are met is by measuring. Every web project needs to be monitored. Sometimes it gets you, where to start.

For this reason, today we will talk a bit about web analytics and show you some of the most important SEO Agency Dubai.

Here we leave you the most important metrics:

1. Live URLs

Live URLs are those that Google shows in results. That is, the search engine considers that there is information of value for users in them.

These live URLs bring organic traffic to the web, as well as impressions and clicks. So, they actively contribute to the site getting a good SEO position. You will be able to know which of the URLs of your website are alive in Google Analytics and Search Console.

2. Indexed pages

A greater number of pages indexed by the search engines of your website means that your strategy is working. These pages are adding impressions and clicks to your domain. Therefore, this is one of the most important metrics to track. SEO packages Dubai, in this regard helps you index each and every page of your website on Google.

3. Number of impressions on Google

Impressions are how often your website pages appear in Google results. When viewing searches in Search Console, you’ll see the number of impressions, CTR, and page position.

With this data you will be able to make comparisons of the volume of searches with respect to the previous period.

4. Time spent on the web

One of the quality indicators of the website is the time of visit of the users. When they stay on the site it means that they have found it useful and they like it. Which is also synonymous with quality content.

When you publish good content, you keep the audience interested. Google interprets this as the page offers value, therefore giving it relevance in searches.

5. Visibility

The visibility is given by the terms or keywords that bring traffic to your site. As you manage to position more keywords, the visibility will be greater.

Although keyword analysis as such is not discussed at this point, we will mention two related metrics that you should also monitor:

  • keyword ranking. It is necessary to select the keywords for which you want to position yourself. To choose the best ones you have to compare the volume of traffic and the competition they have.
  • Keywords that generate traffic. To know this data, analyze the pages that receive the most organic visits.

6. Web load time

The loading time of the web is one of the most relevant factors in the Google algorithm. A site that loads quickly will have better SEO positioning by SEO Company Dubai, than those that take longer.

It is possible to know the average charging time, as well as the minimum and maximum point. It is recommended that a page does not take more than 3 seconds to load. Otherwise, the user gets tired and might abandon it.

7. Organic traffic

Among the main objectives of SEO strategies is to attract users to the website. Organic traffic is the visits that the site receives through free Google searches. That is, without having to pay for advertising.

In addition to knowing what the total site traffic is, you can make comparisons with similar periods. In this way you will know if the traffic that the site is receiving has increased or decreased.

8. Bugs

When Google does not index a page or does not give it a good position it can be due to the errors that are associated with it. In this case the task is to correct those errors to give the site a boost.

There are various tools available that will give you suggestions on what improvements you should make. The same Google Search Console will tell you what the problems are with the site. To improve the indexing and general ranking of the site, it is necessary to correct the errors that appear.

In addition to knowing what the total site traffic is, you can make comparisons with similar periods. In this way you will know if the traffic that the site is receiving has increased or decreased.


These are some of the basic metrics you need to track. This will allow you to know the impact of your website and improve the aspects of the strategy that are failing. Analyze every point and check if there is any problem in your site, rectify it and start getting views.

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