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8 Steps To Replacement A Flush Valve American Standard

How to replace flush valve?

If water from your toilet tank is leaking into the bowl, the first suspect generally is the flush valve. In this post, we’ll show you how to remove the tank from the bowl to replace a flush valve and stop the leak.

What is flush Valve?

The instrument inside the latrine tank that controls the topping off of the tank after each flush. It interfaces with a water source through a hose or a little line that appends to the lower part of the latrine tank.

This is the most common problem in a toilet tank setup and is fairly easy to fix. Follow this 8 steps guide to successfully replace flush Valve:

Step 1

Before removing the old flush valve, shut off the water supply at the fixture stop valve located on the tube that supplies water to the tank. Flush the toilet and sponge out the remaining water. To make this repair you’ll need to remove the tank from the bowl. Start by unscrewing the water supply coupling nut from the bottom of the tank.

Step 2

Unscrew the bolts holding the toilet tank to the bowl by loosening the nuts from below. If you are having difficulty unscrewing the tank bolts and nuts because they are fused together by rust or corrosion, apply penetrating oil or spray lubricant to the threads, give it a few minutes to penetrate, and then try again. If that fails, slip an open-ended hacksaw (or plain hacksaw blade) between the tank and bowl and saw through the bolt (inset photo).

Step 3

Unhook the chain from the handle lever arm. Remove the tank and carefully place it upside-down on an old towel. And remove the spud washer and spud nut from the base of the flush valve using a spud wrench or large channel-type pliers. Remove the old flush valve.

Step 4

Place the new flush valve in the valve hole and check to see if the top of the overflow pipe is at least 1″ below the
critical level and the tank opening where the handle is installed. If the pipe is too tall, cut it to length with a

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Replacing a Flush Valve Step 5 to 8

Step 5

Position the flush valve flapper below the handle lever arm and secure it to the tank from beneath with the spud nut. Tighten the nut one-half turn past hand tight with a spud wrench or large channel-type pliers. Overtightening may cause the tank to break. Put the new spud washer over the spud nut, small side down.

Step 6

With the tank lying on its back, thread a rubber washer onto each tank bolt and insert it into the bolt holes from inside the tank. Then, thread a brass washer and hex nut onto the tank bolts from below and tighten them to a quarter turn past hand tight. Do not overtighten.

Step 7

With the hex nuts tightened against the tank bottom, carefully lower the tank over the bowl and set it down so the spud washer seats neatly over the water inlet in the bowl and the tank bolts fit through the holes in the bowl flange.

Secure the tank to the bowl with a rubber washer, brass washer, and nut or wing nut at each bolt end. Press the tank to level as you hand-tighten the nuts. Hook up the water supply at the fill valve inlet.

Now let’s read the final step to Replacing a Flush Valve.

Step 8

Connect the chain clip to the handle lever arm and adjust the number of links to allow for a little slack in the chain when the flapper is closed. Leave a little tail on the chain for adjusting, cutting off remaining excess. Attach the refill tube to the top of the overflow pipe the same way it had been attached to the previous refill pipe. Turn on the water supply at the stop valve and test the flush. (Some flush valve flappers are adjustable.)

Sometimes there is plenty of water in the tank, but not enough of it makes it to the bowl before the flush valve
shuts off the water from the tank. Modern toilets are designed to leave some water in the tank, since the first
water that leaves the tank does so with the most force.

Fixing it yourself can save a lot of money in water usage, and you won’t have to hire a professional plumber. Next we will learn about how to Replacing a Fill Valve by your self. Today is all about 8 Steps to Replacing a Flush Valve.

Thank you for reading. We are providing plumbing services at Stavanger, Norway (Rørlegger stavanger). Furthermore, if you want ask anything about Replacing a Flush Valve or anything about plumbing then please let us know by commenting below.

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