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8 Things You Should Do Immediately After Launching Your App

The process of constructing and deploying a mobile application is not simple. But, what do you do now? What happens once you launch a mobile application

Work does not stop there, and there are a variety of activities you can do to guarantee that your application is a hit and that it remains to be such in the future. From mobile app marketing methods to listening to user reviews and generating updates, you will learn all you need to know about what to do after releasing your app. 

Steps to Follow After Launching an App

What should you do when you have successfully introduced your app? How do you attract new customers? Launching an application does not stop with the publication of the application. You must complete several stages. Here are a few of them:

 1. On-going Engagement

After an effective app launch, you should shift your attention to increasing user engagement and acquiring new customers. The process of attracting an audience with your app begins with the launch of the new app.

Social media advertising paid advertising campaigns and organizing events that interest your target audience may all be used to achieve this. If you want to get more app downloads, you must keep up with frequent marketing initiatives.

 2. Monitor App Performance

An essential component of your app’s success will be determined by how well it performs. You must thus regularly monitor and optimize it to guarantee that the app provides a compelling user experience around the clock and throughout the year.

You must thus regularly monitor and optimize it to guarantee that the app provides a compelling user experience around the clock and throughout the year.

 3. Make regular updates

App developers who want their apps to last long realize that the development phase never ends. An app can’t function without regular updates. It does not simply include bug fixes and the addition of new functionality.

It also entails deleting, simplifying, or enhancing unpopular features and tailoring the user experience to the greatest extent feasible for each individual. Sadly, an app that does not get frequent updates will not last long in this fiercely competitive market.

4. Keep track of user feedback

When you launch your app, users should give feedback on their experiences with your mobile app. However, this is insufficient on its own. Additionally, users should feel what they think about your app. Therefore, after a mobile app launches, one of your primary responsibilities should be supporting and responding to any users’ problems or ideas.

User input may help you fix errors quickly and effectively and plan for future improvements. Having a good relationship with your user audience will also help you acquire new customers and keep the ones you already have.

 5. Optimize your UI/UX design

As you may be aware, user interface and user design are worthwhile investments since users are more likely to engage with an app that they find pleasant, beautiful, and simple to use than with a less appealing or difficult-to-use app. 

After launch, gathering data to improve your UI/UX involves paying attention to what your consumers want and putting your efforts into providing them with the most incredible experience possible. Design trends vary over time, and any new features you add to your mobile app may need more work to improve the app’s overall UI/UX. 

Even if you were fortunate enough to get it right the first time, design trends would change over time. So please consider topics like making your app as simple to engage with customers maintaining its aesthetic and elegance.

 6. Update your ASO

App store optimization (also known as ASO) is a low-cost method of increasing your app’s exposure. Most new app discoveries are driven by this channel, making it a vital component of any mobile app marketing tactics.

Over time, the app store criteria and any modifications you make to your mobile app may also change. These changes will impact ASO components such as the icon for your mobile app, keywords, and description.

Maintaining and updating your product information in app stores is thus critical to making full use of this tool and keeping consumers up to speed with your latest developments in the industry.

 7. Use Your App’s Update Description Space for Marketing

A study conducted by Google called Our Mobile Planet found that, on average, a smartphone user installs 25 applications to their phone, with the figure reaching as high as 40 in certain countries. 

Users who discover that updates are available from a large number of applications are likely not to update all of them, particularly if the update description only states “bug fixes,” as is the case with many of them.

Treat the app update description area as a marketing channel, in which you may communicate what is new and exciting about your app, as well as issues and fixes. It may be a very effective method for regaining people trust who haven’t used your app in a long time.

 8. Giving Users Their Space and Freedom from Push Notifications

Push notifications are an excellent way to remind your users to re-launch your app, snap a picture, or check in with their social media accounts. However, if you bother your user too much, they will not hesitate to delete your application, regardless of how amazing it is. 

Plan your push notifications carefully, and make it easy for users to turn them off if they don’t want to receive them. Additionally, remember that you may be involved in several time zones while sending a push notification.


It is determined by these processes whether or not your app will be successful in the marketplace after the launch. We at Grepix Infotech, a mobile app development company in India, are constantly interested in the success of our clients’ mobile applications. And we’re prepared to go above and beyond to assist our clients in achieving their objectives. 

It is the guiding principle of Grepix. So please use our experience to the fullest extent possible and communicate openly and extensively with our project manager to make your product of exceptional quality.

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