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8 Things You Should Know Before a Beard Transplant

When you hear the word hair transplant, you would normally think that it is referring to the surgical hair restoration process that is common in the medical world. However,  getting facial hair implants is on the rise. As more and more men are focusing on addressing any shortcomings that they might have for their facial hair.

Patchy beard hair is a nightmare for many grown men. If you are struggling with a lack of facial hair, a beard transplant would be the best solution. Modern technological advances have made hair restoration results even more natural. There is a myriad of procedures available today, that can enhance an existing beard or even reconstruct a new one. However, there are certain things you would want to be aware of before going for the procedure.

The processes involved in a beard transplant are similar to a hair transplant. The medical official will extract donor hair on the back or side of the hair. The certified medical professional then matches the extracted hair with the facial hair required. Much smaller incisions are used in this case, compared to a full-fledged hair transplant.  In case you do not have hair on your hair, the medical professional will use hair extracted from elsewhere in the body.

  • It is meant for men who can’t grow a beard

If you are an individual who is struggling to grow beard hair for years and hasn’t had any success, beard transplants are for you. A person’s ability to grow a beard depends on a chemical called dihydrotestosterone. With a beard transplant, such individuals can replicate the natural appearance of facial hair growth.

  • The process is unobtrusive

Technical advances have made almost all cosmetic surgery faster, painless and successful. Beard transplants using FUE techniques provide the best results with minimum scars. The time taken for the process depends on the size of the transplanting area and the number of grafts needed.  The medical professional usually collects follicular hair with special pink picks, making it possible to complete the procedure without the need for large incisions.

  • The number of grafts can vary

It is very difficult for you to know the exact number of grafts that you need to make the desired facial hair appearance. While it varies from individual to individual, a goatee may need between 1000 to 1500 grafts while more than 3000 grafts may be required for a full beard.

  • Medical issues and medicine intake

Almost all clinics advise their patients to not use any medication including multivitamins atleast24 hours before the procedure is scheduled. Anti-inflammatory medicine must be stopped a minimum of 3 days before the procedure.

  • Lifestyle changes

You must make some changes to your lifestyle before a beard transplant to minimize the risk of complications and for improving results. Some lifestyle improvements can positively impact general health, which can encourage full facial hair growth. One of the most important changes includes stopping smoking.  Smoking limits the flow of oxygen in your blood making it longer for wounds to heal.  The delay in healing can result in excessive scarring and the risk of infection.

  • Dietary changes

When it comes to overall health and the results of the surgery, your diet plays a key role. In the weeks leading up to the procedure, you can try and consume more vegetables and fruits. A healthy diet can also allow the new beard to grow thicker and fuller.  Additionally, most physicians recommend avoiding alcohol before and after the procedure for a while. Other substances which can hinder timely recovery include caffeine.

  • Post-surgery care

It is always important to take care of yourself after the procedure. You may notice some of the transplanted hair begins to fall off, which is a normal process. At one point, new hair will start growing which will be the beginning of fuller hair growth.  Professionals clinics and practitioners always try to explain the post-operative care measures and may prescribe some medicine.  You cannot get your desired results if you do not follow the post-operative steps properly.


A beard hair transplant is no different from standard hair transplantation. When performed correctly, beard transplants can create results that look natural and aesthetically pleasing. However, you should always conduct extensive research before diving into it.

Always such for an internationally accredited clinic with good staff to ensure you get the best results. This way you will ensure that you get the best treatment available with natural-looking results that will be long lasting and that too quite affordably.

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