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8 Tourist Attractions in Port Elizabeth

In this article read about 8 Tourist Attractions in Port Elizabeth, affectionately known as “PE” by locals, South Africa’s third largest port and home to some of the country’s cleanest metropolitan beaches. Water activities are popular on the Eastern Cape’s more than 40 kilo metres of coastline, which is lapped by the clean seas of Algoa Bay. Activities range from surfing, sailing, swimming, and fishing to windsurfing, kiteboarding, and scuba diving.

Those who prefer to keep dry can take a harbour tour, where they may see whales such as humpbacks, Southern right whales, and Bryde’s whales depending on the season.

But Port Elizabeth is much tmore han just the sea. Route 67, the city’s art and historical route, commemorates the intriguing and often stormy history of this friendly colonial city in the city’s historic core. In addition, private game reserves and the famed Addo Elephant National Park in the neighboring area entice wildlife enthusiasts with low-cost DIY and guided safaris. Discover more places to visit in this seaside city with our list of the top Port Elizabeth attractions. If you want to visit porth Elizabeth or any other part of S.A you can book a South Africa trip or stay in a South Africa safari lodge. Live your best life today.

1. Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds

The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds welcomes visitors to the Cape Recife Nature Reserve to witness its rescued marine life and learn about these interesting species. The facility specializes in marine birds, specifically African penguins from nearby St. Croix Island, which is home to the world’s biggest breeding colony of African penguins.

Many of the employees are informed volunteers who share their enthusiasm for their job by leading guests on educational tours of the bird hospital and educating them about the center’s rehabilitation efforts as well as the threats that these birds face in the wild. During feeding time, at about 2:30 pm, guests can pull up a seat in the coffee shop and watch these charismatic creatures gobbling their meals and cavorting around the pool.

2. Attractions in Port Elizabeth | Nature Reserve of Cape Recife

Cape Recife Nature Reserve, located a few kilometers from Port Elizabeth, offers fantastic hiking and beachcombing along a stretch of pristine beachfront. Visitors may avoid the throngs that might be found at city beaches here, and a nine-kilometer hiking track winds through the park, providing stunning views of the rocky coastline, dunes, an 1851 lighthouse, and unspoiled beaches with tidal pools.

Within the reserve, visitors can also visit the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds. Even better, attempt to time your visit to coincide with the release of rescued penguins from the shore.

3. Wildflower Reserve Van Stadens

Van Stadens Nature Reserve, located about 40 kilometers west of Port Elizabeth, is ideal for a hike and a picnic. The paths are well-kept, and the excursions range in difficulty, from quiet paths through old-growth native trees to more demanding hikes into thick forests and along rushing streams. Those who trek to the Van Stadens bridge will be rewarded with stunning views of the steep ravine and wonderful photo opportunities.

A flower house at welcome showcases an astonishing diversity of blossoms, including numerous varieties of proteas. Pack lunch and wear comfortable hiking shoes.

4. Attractions in Port Elizabeth | South End Museum

South End Museum, located on Port Elizabeth’s coastline, tells the history of the forcible evacuation of former residents of this area during the apartheid era. Photos, newspaper clippings, and recreations of living places bring to life the personal stories of the time, emphasizing not only the tragedies but also the successes. Despite its simplicity, the museum documents an essential part of the city’s history. Although admission is free, visitors are encouraged to offer a donation.

5. Shamwari Private Game Reserve’s gemsbok

Shamwari Private Game Reserve is one of South Africa’s top private game reserves and is well-known for its conservation initiatives. It is also worth scheduling a few nights’ lodging here because it is only 75 kilometers from Port Elizabeth. The Shamwari Private Game Reserve Lodges are stunning, the food is delicious, and the animal viewing is spectacular.

Shamwari also oversees several animal conservation initiatives, including the Born Free Big Cat Sanctuaries. These educational centres also house rescued large cats from around the world. Day visitors to the cat sanctuary are permitted on a limited basis, but you must first inquire with the reserve. Don’t just turn up.

6. Attractions in Port Elizabeth |  Bridge across Storms River

Storms River Bridge, also known as Paul Sauer Bridge, is located on the Garden Route’s eastern end. The area surrounding it is an eco-destination. The bridge, known as a deck arch bridge, is a piece of art for engineering enthusiasts, and its construction was a significant thing in 1953. In reality, at 36 meters above Storms River, this suspension bridge was South Africa’s highest concrete arch bridge until 1984, when the nearby Bloukrans River Bridge was erected.

The bridge, which serves as a gateway to Tsitsikamma National Park, can be walked across. Take a moment to admire the breathtaking vistas of the rocky gorge below. Bungee jumping off the considerably higher Bloukrans River Bridge. About 20 kilometers to the west along the N2. It is also available in the Storms River area, as are canopy excursions.

7. Attractions in Port Elizabeth | Museum of the South African Air Force

The South African Air Force Museum has a branch in Port Elizabeth (the main museum is in Pretoria). It has nine aircraft on exhibit and is located on the airport’s southern side. A supersonic jet fighter, two Harvard trainers, a helicopter, and South Africa’s oldest surviving fighter jet are among them. The museum is a great distraction for children or anyone arriving early at the airport.

In addition to the aircraft, the museum’s primary exhibition hall contains aircraft artifacts, model planes, and photographs. More planes are being repaired in a WWII hangar. There is also a functioning flight simulator that may be reserved in advance.

8. Attractions in Port Elizabeth | Island Nature Reserve

The Island Nature Reserve, about 25 kilometers west of Port Elizabeth, is another lovely natural site. It is best known for the Bush back hiking track. It begins directly outside the Nature Reserve’s main office and runs for 16 kilometers. The reserve’s habitats are diverse, including a 480-hectare indigenous Alexandria coastal forest and sandy dunes.

Aside from the Bush back Trail, there are a number of lesser walking pathways appropriate for children. Smaller creatures, such as vervet monkeys, tiny antelope, and even caracals, are frequently spotted along the routes. Around 120 bird species can also be seen in the park.

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