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A Beginners Guide To Gate Railings And Hand Railings

Railings are usually made up of metal and are used on the sides of staircases, balconies, decks, walkways, etc. Their main purpose is to give protection and safety to the users. Just imagine staircases in high buildings without railings, scary right? They serve the great purpose of protecting the users whilst using staircases.

Railings outside a property:

You might have noticed that railings are also present on the outside of many houses. Most probably you also have a railing installed outside your property. Now, what was the specific reason which made you install a railing? Let me tell you! Railings which you mostly see installed on the outside of houses are a way of telling the by-passers that my house starts from here and you cannot cross this fence. This is a way of telling the general public that the area from where the fence starts, is no longer public property.

Protection of lawns with the help of railings:

I have noticed that many people use railings outside their lawns which protect the vegetation inside of them. It will prevent animals or even humans from accidentally stepping into the lawn and destroying the grass. I have even seen cars being driven onto the lawns and destroying everything. If you fear that the same misshape can happen to you then getting a fence outside your lawn is definitely a great idea.

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The materials typically used for the manufacturing of railings:

Usually, metal, aluminum, or PVC is used for the construction of railings. But now the trend is changing and you will also see railings which are made up of glass. Glass railings give a very modern and chic look to the stairs. You can either choose a simple glass railing or a tampered glass with a design, which would also look nice.

Do railings have a specific gap between them?

Definitely, fences and gate railings have a gap between them. The gap is usually 4 inches, not more or not less than that. All railings mostly have a gap of 4 inches between them because of security reasons. What is the purpose of having a railing when the kids or even the pets can easily pass through it and hurt themselves? The standard gap ensures that nothing is able to pass through it so that it offers maximum protection.

Do not confuse a gate railing with a hand railing:

Gate railings are the ones that you see on top of the gates or on your property for protection. Mostly they have pointed ends which are very effective in stopping the thief from entering the property. You can also get electrocuted gate railings. So that anyone who forcefully tries to enter gets electrocuted.

On the other hand, hand railings are the ones which are used for staircases. Most old people are fond of grasping staircase railings for support and stability. The escalator railings also come underhand railings since they are grasped by the hands. However, it is impossible for me to imagine staircases without railings, they look so scary. In spite of this, they prevent injurious falls so if you ask me staircases and railings go perfectly well with each other.

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