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What is the cost of developing a dating app? Advances in technology have altered the way we live, play, work, and shop. Even dating is no longer the same. Dating app development company Today, millions of people use online dating apps, and the number is rapidly increasing-dailywold.

According to DatingZest, apps like Tinder have 75 million users and have registered over 60 billion matches to date. According to Statista, it will also generate $1.4 million in revenue in 2020.

Needless to say, Tinder isn’t the only dating app on the market; there are several others with comparable numbers of users, matches, and revenue. The major challenge, however, is developing an online dating app that can gain traction and revenue like leading dating apps.

In this blog, we will go over the fundamentals of dating apps and the features that will help you succeed in the market. So, let’s get this party started!

Dating App Development Overview

An online dating app is a software application that uses the GPS capabilities of the user’s device to find people, connect with them, and arrange dates to develop romantic relationships.

Some dating apps require you to fill out a lengthy questionnaire to determine your matches, while others allow you to filter the information yourself. Simply put, it analyzes people based on standard criteria like age, gender, geography, goals, and interests. The more closely the specification matches your preference, the more likely it is that you will be shown the profile of a specific person.

Types of Dating Apps

In general, dating apps are classified using the same criteria that online dating sites use to match people. The majority of dating apps on the market are classified into four categories:

Location-based: dating apps help you find people in your area to connect with and go on dates with. Users of location-based dating apps choose a radius around their location to find the right partner, and the app sorts suitable profiles for them to choose from. This technology is used in apps such as Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupid.

Traditional: dating apps are similar to traditional dating websites in that they display user profiles for users to choose from. Based on the information you see, you can decide whether or not the profile is suitable for you. OkCupid, eHarmony is one of the traditional dating apps-dailywold.

Algorithm-Based Matching: At the time of registration, dating apps such as Match, Zoosk, and eHarmony ask users to fill out a questionnaire with information about their interests, hobbies, preferred relationship types, lifestyle, and so on, and then use machine learning algorithms to find the best matching profiles.

Niche-Based: Hornet, The League, HER, Ourtime, and JDate are examples of niche dating apps that cater to specific user groups such as sexual minorities, older people, specific ethnic groups, or within social circles. Although such apps have a limited audience, they provide a better experience to certain groups of users. Furthermore, the user base is willing to pay more for such an incredible experience.

Privacy & Security

Online dating has grown in popularity over blind or traditional dating because of its ability to screen people before going out with them.

Users will feel more at ease about the dating experience if your dating app includes features such as photo verification, profile hiding, two-factor authentication, and so on that ensure their privacy and security.

More here: 5 Best App Development Process Security Practices

Aside from that, you can include a feature that allows women to initiate contact, i.e., if a user matches with another, females have an additional 24 hours to initiate contact if they feel comfortable, thereby empowering women’s safety.

Technology Stack for Dating App Development

Now that you’ve learned almost everything there is to know about dating app development, it’s time to decide on a technology stack.

The cost of developing a dating app can range between $50,000 and $150,000. However, the total cost of app development is determined by the number of developers involved. The hourly/fixed rates agreed upon, the number of hours invested, paid tools used, and the app’s complexity. Cost of Dating App Development-dailywold

Please keep in mind that hiring developers from software development companies like Decipher Zone Technologies with experienced development professionals will help you find the right tech stack for the development-dailywold as well as make the workflow easier for you.


The market for online dating apps is extremely competitive. To be successful, you must develop an app that offers a unique and powerful solution to the market. So, the better option here is to use a niche-based dating app or a dating app with a matching algorithm-dailywold.

If you are still unsure about developing a strong dating app that is not only cost-effective but also successful. Contact our team of experts who will assist you in analyzing. Specifications for your project, as well as detailed cost estimates.

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