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A Simple Guide to Audiobook Creation

Audiobooks are one of the most rapidly expanding markets for authors and digital publishers. Audiobook creation has never been easier because of modern technology, and now is the perfect moment!

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Why Should You Switch to Audiobooks?

Did you know that the audiobook market is increasing at a 30% annual rate?

I listen to literature in the bath, in the vehicle, at the gym, and even on walks. It is becoming increasingly popular. They allow us to become completely immersed in a story, discover new things, and hear other people’s perspectives. It means that audiobooks will continue to exist.

The majority of individuals have cell phones with which to listen to audiobooks.

The future is audiobooks!

Increase Your Audience With Audiobooks!

Making your audiobook implies that more people will be able to listen to it.

When you make an audiobook, you’re gaining new fans for your work, which can only be a good thing.

There’s a whole new generation of people who prefer to listen to reading, and you need to be ready to capture them.

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Increase Profits

While your book is finished and perfect in its own right, it may be performing well on Amazon, but Audible may do even better! Being a writer is a financially risky profession, but audiobooks supplement your income and provide a new method.

On Audible, there is also less rivalry than on Kindle. Your book will stand out in its area, resulting in more listens and profit. Audiobook sales in the United States brought in $940 million last year!

Why use ACX to create audiobooks?

For budding authors, large corporations might be intimidating. We treat our books as if they were our children, and we don’t want them to be harmed or corrupted. Fear not! ACX works for you, and you hold power as the author.

Maintain Control

You have complete control of your book with ACX. Their goal is to produce more audiobooks, so they require your help just as much as you require theirs. It implies that profits are high as well.

Narrators with experience

 Hire audiobook narrators, because they are highly skilled professionals. Before you start your process, you can listen to various producers. You can use an accent, vocal style, and age parameters to locate your ideal narrator.

The purpose of the audiobook narrators is to create an enjoyable experience for audiobook listeners, which includes voicing several characters in dialogue, matching the excitement of the story, and keeping vocal stamina.

A good narrator delivers a steady performance. Having a good sense of timing. Multiple believable character voices have been developed, or appropriate inflection has been used. So, hire audiobook narrator who has a distinct voice and is a real narrator.

Audiobook narrators are the actors who give their voice to the spoken word. It makes making an audiobook as simple as going to the shop. There’s no need to suffer through poor auditions or be disappointed with the person you hire. You may relax knowing that you’re dealing with specialists. Your work is in capable hands.

 Do you want to tell the story yourself?

 If the book is nonfiction, it may be beneficial to narrate it yourself. You’re telling or teaching something to an audience that might prefer to hear it from you! It has a unique personality that may appeal to admirers.

However, pay attention to what you say. Will your audience be able to comprehend everything you’re saying? Would you do different accents for different characters if your work is fiction? And most importantly, can you do this (distinguishing between characters) at a high level?

A shoddy recording will quickly cost you money, reputation, and your audience.

What Is the Process for Making an Audiobook?

First and foremost, make sure your book is ready for this process before you begin creating your audiobook. You could want to employ a ghostwriter to polish and complete your manuscript.

Also, make sure you keep your book’s rights! You would have the rights if you self-published it, but you must check if you went through a publisher. Check your contract or contact your agency to see if you can convert your book to an audiobook.

Make a User Account

Log in to your Amazon account and establish an ACX account if you already have one. Before you begin, you must enter your tax and banking information. They’ll be reviewed and approved after that. It could take up to a month, although it usually happens quickly.

Make a profile for your title

Locate the book you want to convert to an audiobook. You may create a title profile by clicking the ‘add your title’ option.

Amazon will then require the book description, copyright information, and a category for your book. Everything at this level is straightforward and straightforward.

If you’re looking for a producer, tell us about your book and the type of narration you’re looking for. There will be a lot of alternatives for you to choose from when describing the type of narrator you require, so take your time.

Make the book description sound intriguing when writing it! Take your time with the title profile if you want to recruit the greatest producer.

Choose a narrator

The fun begins now! Producers will contact you, or you can invite a small number of people yourself. They will do an audition piece by reading an excerpt from your book.

Make them an offer and organize a meeting once you’ve discovered the suitable person. You have the option of paying them upfront or splitting royalties.

Paying in advance can be costly, but if your book is well-received, you will receive more money in the long term. How you go about doing this is entirely up to you and your budget.

Decisions Concerning Distribution

 Think about where you want to market your audiobook. Is going non-exclusive worth it? Or will ACX’s earnings suffice?

Get That Book on Tape!

 It’s time to send your script to your producer after all of your hard work. After they’ve finished, listen to it again to ensure your book is flawless! You can request two rounds of edits to guarantee that your audiobook is exactly the way you want.

You must now upload a cover that accurately represents the content of your audiobook. Please don’t rush this; give it some thought because this is an advertisement for your audiobook.

Once the recording has been authorized, upload your book cover and submit your final product. After that, ACX will perform quality assurance inspections, which should take a week or two.

Finally, your audiobook is available for download! Every month, ACX will send you a digital royalty statement, so promote your book and watch the cash flow in.

Increase Your Exposure

Now that your book is out there get it heard! We know we’re good authors, and we know our book is fantastic, but no one seems to care?! Self-publishing is difficult, especially if you don’t know how to market your work.

You don’t need to be a business expert to use these helpful hints.

Social Networking

The possibilities for social media marketing are infinite!

There are many venues available to advertise yourself in various ways, allowing you to interact with fans and promote your audiobook.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all social media platforms. You’re undoubtedly familiar with how to use them. Make the trailer as thrilling as the novel, but don’t reveal too much. You still want them to purchase the book.

Make the trailer as thrilling as the novel, but don’t reveal too much. You still want to purchase the book.

Obtain a Recommendation!

 You don’t need to wait for reviews; you may go after them yourself. AudioFile Magazine, for example, accepts submissions for audiobooks. Contact audiobook-focused bloggers.

These will bring in additional listeners, reviews, and revenue. It will take time, but it will be worth it.

 Make a page for the author

If you want to engage with your readers and build a reputation, you must create an author page on Amazon. You can respond to folks who have read your book by using the author’s page.

Engaging with YOUR audience earns you respect and loyalty, which translates to additional reviews, exposure, and fans.


 It’s quick and straightforward to use ACX for audiobook production, and it can help you gain more followers and money. It’s an excellent way to get your book out there, and the profit margins are substantial.

Don’t squander your ability! Create an audiobook and distribute it through Audible to reach a larger audience. You’ll be wishing you’d done it sooner once you’ve completed it.

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