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A Unique Approach To Launching A Rental Website Like Airbnb

Launching A Rental Website Like Airbnb

Everything around us is available through online markets in our digital world, making our lives easier.
You may be aware that we have online markets for a variety of needs such as a car, boat, tools and equipment, and so on.

Airbnb is an online vacation rentals script that allows users to book rooms in close proximity to their location for short-term stays.

Entrepreneurs with a passion for starting an online start a rental car business for various types of services are interested in using the Airbnb business model to generate a high return on investment.

What is a music studio Airbnb clone?

The artist can use an Airbnb clone for a music studio to find the perfect music studio near their location. where the artist can create his own albums with the help of a music studio that can be rented.

Why start a music studio clone of Airbnb?

People have become increasingly interested in music in recent years, but they cannot afford to purchase all of the necessary musical instruments to pursue their passion. We can turn this into a business opportunity by renting out music studios online.

When you launch a website for music studio rentals, users will be able to find it quickly with the help of your website, which will allow music studio owners to list their equipment. Your website will serve as a link between the studio owner and the user.

Highlights of our Airbnb clone script

By providing unique features, our exclusive Airbnb clone script for the music studios helps entrepreneurs stand out in the niche market. The importance of website design in becoming successful in the online start a house rental business is critical because it will give users a positive impression of your website.

Web design that is strong

The website we created is user-friendly and admin-customizable. The website features can be customized by the administrator according to their needs and preferences.


With the help of a friendly design and approach, users were able to get a bid on your rental website. When a user arrives at your website, they will be able to easily go over their requirements.

Option for Advanced Search

The user can easily search for their desired equipment at the desired location with an accurate search result thanks to the advanced filter options.


Using messaging software, the host and user can communicate with one another. The user can receive instant messages such as the studio’s exact location.

Support for multiple languages

Our script converts the site to a different language for users, and this important feature attracts visitors to your site in the same way that foreigners flock to concerts.

Module for Geolocation

Customers can quickly track the exact location of the rental studio using the GEO location module. Our script employs a user-friendly navigation system that pinpoints the correct location.

Sharing on Social Media

Social media sharing is an essential component for increasing brand awareness and attracting visitors. To improve your website’s performance, our experts have a deep understanding of brand recognition search, ranking lead, website traffic, and target audience.


You can allow your customers to make online payments in USD, THB, and other currencies. They can even do it in their own currency. This allows users to pay quickly and easily using their preferred payment methods.

Process of Monetization

You can charge the transaction fee to the booking held on your website because you are the website owner, and music studio owners pay listing fees to the website owner.

Banner Ads that are Featured

Our clone scripts have banner control built-in. It includes a banner, ease of control over dynamic content, and a higher return on investment thanks to simple banner management.


Because With features like branded coupons, barcode integration, and distribution methods, Package Coupons are the best option for your potential clients to offer deals efficiently.

Why should you use our Airbnb clone script to bid?

The Host app, User app, and Admin dashboard are the three major modules in our Airbnb clone script.


Users can log in and search for the desired equipment that is available at the host in specified locations. They can chat directly with the host, book the music equipment, and pay using the available payment options after confirmation. On the website, users can leave reviews and give ratings.

App to Host

After registering, the host can log in and list their studio and equipment. The host can list an unlimited number of pieces of equipment and provide real-time status updates. But, Confirm the reservation and send an email to the users. On the website, the host should be able to provide reviews and ratings.

Dashboard for the Admin

As the website’s owner, Admin has access to the host lists, Accounts, Booking Status, Finance, Commissions, Payment Gateway, Manage Language, Contact Us, Review, Backup, and so on. The website is under the control of the administrator.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An Airbnb-style App?

There are several factors that influence the cost of developing an Airbnb-like app, and we’ve covered them all here:

The development team should be comprised of a project manager who will oversee the entire development process, a team of developers (both front-end and back-end), a team of UX/UI designers, and experts in Quality Analysis.

The number of platforms: You have the option of developing an app for just one platform, such as iOS or Android, or both. This decision can be made based on the location of the target audience, the device environment, and other factors. Android app development, for example, takes about 20-30% longer than iOS app development.

Complexity: It’s up to you to decide what kind of features you want in your app, so rate them on a scale of simple to medium to high. The length of time it takes the developers to implement these features has an impact on the app’s price.

App Design: If you use unique tools and visuals in your Airbnb-like app design. The cost of the app will be higher than if you stick to the standard design.

. The features listed can be simple and basic, as well as more advanced and complex. So, let’s talk about how much it will cost to create an app similar to Airbnb.

Well, app prices vary globally for developer hours, and we’ve listed the average regional hourly rates below:

  • Development teams based in the United States and Canada: $50-$250 per hour
  • $20-$150/hour in Eastern Europe
  • $30-$170/hour in Western Europe
  • $50-$150 per hour in Australia
  • $10-$80/hour in India

As a result, when creating a single platform with basic features, the cost of creating. The airbnb-like app should be around $25000-$30000. However, if both iOS and Android platforms with advanced functionalities are chosen, the cost is directly doubled, and it could cost up to $50000-$60000.

The online travel industry is constantly expanding, which is why investing in a travel app like Airbnb could be extremely profitable. So don’t miss out on this opportunity and get started on the app development process.

Also, if you require professional assistance, contact Emizentech, an app development company that provides services worldwide.

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