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Acne Treatment: What Really Clears Acne Fast?

According to stats, acne affects over 85% of young adults worldwide. Blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples usually characterize this condition. Generally, acne is persistent, and even if it runs its course and starts to subside, it does so quite gradually.

Fortunately, many acne treatment options are available. These include clinical acne treatment in Dubai as well as home remedies. We will discuss both these types in this blog. But first, let’s have an overview of the most common causes of acne.

What Causes Acne?

Acne starts as a result of dead skin cells and oil clogging your pores and hair follicles. Each pore on your skin gets an oily substance called sebum from a sebaceous gland. The excess production of sebum cause pores to get clogged, leading to the growth of a bacteria type called Propionibacterium acnes or P. acnes. These bacteria cause acne and skin inflammation.

Some factors that raise the risk of acne include:

  • Diet
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
  • Infections

Now, let’s discuss different acne treatment options, including home treatments and standard clinical procedures.

Remedies and Treatments that Help Clear Acne Fast

The worldwide commonness of acne is one of the reasons that several acne treatments are available. Not only have clinical studies helped formulate several treatment procedures, but home-based discoveries have also helped introduce many techniques to clear acne.

Home remedies

Applying Apple Cider Vinegar:

This solution contains several organic acids, most of which are anti-bacterial in nature. One of those acids is citric acid that is known to fight and eliminate P. acnes. Other organic acids in this vinegar, such as succinic acid and lactic acid, have been known to prevent and reduce acne scarring.

Here is how to use apple cider vinegar to treat acne:

  • Mix apple cider vinegar and water at a ratio of 1:3, respectively. Add more water if your skin is extra sensitive.
  • Then, cleanse your skin and apply vinegar mixture to the affected skin area with the help of a cotton ball.
  • Let the applied solution remain there for up to 20 seconds, and then clean the area.

Taking Zinc Supplement:

Zinc is an essential mineral that assists immune functions, hormone production, cell growth, and metabolism. According to some studies, this mineral is one of the most viable natural treatments for acne. Those studies have also found the link between acne and lower zinc levels and that taking oral zinc supplements may help reduce acne.

Honey and Cinnamon Mask: 

Both honey and cinnamon fight acne-causing bacteria and reduce information. According to some studies, both these ingredients put forward a strong defense against P. acnes.

Follow the steps below to make a honey and cinnamon mask:

  • Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon powder into two tablespoons of honey to create a paste.
  • Cleanse your skin, and then apply this paste to the affected skin region. Let the paste sit there for 10-15 minutes.
  • After that, wash and rinse your face.

Using Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is fundamentally an extract of the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia. This oil has some unique characteristics to relieve acne by reducing inflammation and fighting bacteria. On top of that, this oil doesn’t cause dry skin and irritation, both of which are a typical case with benzoyl peroxide, a popular solution for acne treatment.

The steps below explain how to use tea tree oil to treat acne:

  • Mix tea tree oil and water at a ratio of 1:9, respectively.
  • Soak this solution onto a cotton swab and then apply it to the acne-affected area.
  • Repeat this procedure twice a day or according to your requirements.

Reducing Stress:

According to some research, hormones released during stress can cause excess sebum production, leading to inflammation and subsequent acne. Moreover, stress can affect the gut flora, causing inflammation throughout the body and making acne worse.

Even worse, stress can slow down healing, allowing acne to persist.

Some practical ways to prevent and reduce stress include:

  • Getting more sleep
  • Practicing yoga
  • Meditating
  • Engaging in physical activity
  • Taking deep breaths

Clinical Acne Treatments

  1. Chemical Peels: Chemical peels consist of acidic solutions that exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and sebum from the clogged pores. Additionally, this treatment removes the superficial skin layer, improving overall appearance.

What’s more, chemical peel treatment in Dubai reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a younger look.

  1. Laser Acne Removal: Laser acne removal is undeniably one of the best acne treatments due to its accuracy and fast action. This treatment kills the acne-causing bacteria, opens the clogged pores, and resurfaces the skin, all at the same time. However, since this treatment uses high-intensity light beams, you should look for the best laser for acne removal in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

Although acne is a common skin problem for most young adults worldwide, it continues to be a fearsome issue due to its tendency to affect skin health and appearance. Thankfully, several acne treatments, both home-based and clinical, can help most people get rid of these blemishes for good. Acne treatments mentioned above should help you get rid of acne fast. Nonetheless, it is pertinent to consult a skilled dermatologist regardless of the treatment you choose.

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