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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Inverter AC

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As technology develops, human needs, demands, and consumption also increase. With the birth of AC or air conditioner, humans have learned to utilise it fully. Even start to look for more advanced ACs. This search for advancement lets the world meet with Inverter ACs.

Although this technology was invented in Japan, today it is used by the whole world. To buy one for your house, you must check all the pros and cons of inverter AC. It will help you in making a firm decision while purchasing the unit.

This blog introduces you to all the advantages and disadvantages of inverter ACs. Let’s dive to check more about inverter ACs.

What Is An Inverter AC?

In technical terms, the inverter technology is a modern improvement regarding the compressors’ electromotor. Simply put, an inverter is operated to regulate the pace of the compressor motor to modify the temperature. Energy-saving technology abolishes wasted operation in ACs by efficiently controlling the motor’s speed.

Air conditioners regulate temperature by cooling or heating. It cools the room when the room temperature increases above the set temperature and the room temperature sinks below the set temperature; it starts to heat the room. Inverter-type air conditioners adjust the temperature by changing motor speed without turning the motor ON or OFF.

Advantages of Inverter Air Conditioner

Inverter ACs excellently use electricity. Usually, when electricity fluctuations occur, a regular compressor increases its working speed. It results in more electricity usage. But in the case of inverter air conditioners, the compressor’s speed differs with the working load. As a result, it decreases electricity expenses.

Advantages of using inverter air conditioners are

1. They comprise adjustable speed compressors that control the refrigerant gas flow rate. And hence, consume less current and power.

2. Whenever there is a change in load, inverter ACs modify themselves and work seriously.

3. These ACs can aid you in saving money. You can use this conserved money for other expenses.

4. These ACs are suitable for all sizes of rooms.

5. The electricity usage by the inverter AC will always be lower than other air conditioners.

6. You will get a uniform and constant room temperature when using inverter AC.

7. An inverter AC is also suitable for solar power consumption.

8. Compared to non-inverter ACs, inverter ACs cool down the area much faster.

9. Compared to non-inverter AC, the sound and vibration in inverter ACs are substantially decreased.

10. Inverter ACs are long-lasting compared to normal ACs. You will not face issues easily. The reason is because of their compressor’s function.

Disadvantages of Inverter ACs

Some disadvantages of using inverter ACs are

1. They are typically 20-25% more costly than normal ACs. It may take you a long while to cover their electric expenses.

2. They consist of an advanced circuit system and a lot of moving parts. Hence, it is hard to keep up with all their expenses.

3. In case of leakage with cooling, the compressor in inverter ACs works faster. As a result, it increases power consumption.

4. In case of extremely low temperature, the dehumidification process in inverter ACs does not complete properly, resulting in not achieving the proper degree of chilling.

5. Inverter ACs favoured some requisite time to reach a certain degree of cooling in the initial stage.

6. In case when the inverter AC has a higher extent of heat load, it will work for short cycles and leave the place for overcooling. Such a problem does not occur with normal ACs.

7. Since the inverter ACs consist of very advanced functions, while servicing these ACs, you need to look for certified specialists only. This increases the expenses. Sometimes they also do not comprehend the issues, escalating the problem with your AC.

7. These are best used at office places where you can use them for 12-13 hours daily.

8. Their efficiency decreases at times when the weather is extremely hot.


If you are looking to buy a 1.5 ton inverter Split AC is the best option for a normal size room in your house. Although there are many disadvantages of buying an inverter air conditioner online, the pros can overcome all the disadvantages.

The initial price of buying an inverter AC is high. But that’s also because it comes with many benefits. And the long-term benefits of an inverter AC outweighs its initial purchasing price. You can save at least 40% on your monthly electricity bills by using inverter ACs. It also cools your room faster. Together with these, inverter ACs have a longer life than non-inverter ACs.

Still, it depends on the user’s choice of what type of air conditioners they require and their budget values.

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