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Amazon SEO in 2020: A must-have eCommerce strategy

Amazon SEO can be described as the process of improving the listing of products on Amazon so that they rank higher in the results of searches for the keywords you want to search.

Amazon has been on the correct path to take over the market for online retailers through its presence. It is time to start taking Amazon seriously! With the increasing volume of Amazon searches each day, it is now the primary search engine for businesses that sell online.

Similar to any other type of business online, getting a top spot is equally important for Amazon as well. This is the point where Amazon SEO comes into the picture.

Amazon’s Search Engine Ranking Algorithm– A9

The Amazon A9 Algorithm is the technique that determines the order that products are placed within search result pages. It’s pretty similar to the Google algorithm, with certain important variations.

A9 ranks listings of products by these two main elements:

  1. Keywords are important: Keywords being an important factor of ranking in Amazon A9 carefully observes the relationship between the query that the user is using and the listing of the product.
  2. Strong sales conversion rate: A strong sales conversion rate helps rank higher. This is because of the quality of the product, feedback from customers, customer ratings and more. are of great importance to A9.

With Amazon’s rules constantly changing, it’s much more difficult to follow the rules than it is. Being up-to-date with the listings for products will ensure that your product is ranked well and you won’t get exiled.

Types of Product Listings on Amazon

Amazon SERPs have two types of listings:

  1. Organic listings
  2. Sponsored listings

If a user types in the search term and clicks on a search result page, a result page for the search will appear showing both natural and sponsored results.

Organic Listings : Amazon’s algorithm A9 identifies the listings that are most relevant in relation to the keywords used in the query.

The sponsored listings are shown over organic listings and are marked with the tag ‘Sponsored’ to the listings. They are listings of products which are increased due to being promoted by sellers. The sponsored listings are built on the PPC model, which allows for prominence to the advertised items.

Competitor Analysis

Before creating your listing of products, it is advised to conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors’ listing of their stores and products. This will allow you to determine the market you want to target and improve your plan.

Here’s how to conduct competitor analysis

  • Find out your Amazon competitors
  • Examine the various elements on the listing of products – product description, title features bullets, etc.
  • Read reviews and ratings
  • Analyze your competitors’ branding strategy
  • Research competitors’ targeted keywords
  • Look up competitors’ Stores and Category pages
  • Assess the pricing strategy of competitors

Doing some research on these topics will give you an advantage to develop a strategy to ensure you achieve organic ranking.

Amazon SEO: Amazon Product Listing optimization

Once you’ve got the competitive analysis and research on keywords in place It’s time to get in the dirt with on-page optimization.

For your convenience For ease of understanding, we’ve divided the different elements of Amazon listing of products into components and you should be aware of the best practices for Amazon.

But, it is important to be aware that the Amazon guidelines for listing on products keep changing from time to time. It is therefore important to keep up-to-date.

Amazon Product Title

Amazon Product title can be among the most significant ranking factors. Here are the best practices for having an optimized product title

  • Utilize principal keywords within the recommended length of characters
  • Include brand details, dimensions, color, size, quantity, etc.
  • Don’t utilize all block letters.
  • Do not use special characters.
  • Beware of keyword stuffing

Amazon Description Bullets

The Product Description Bullet points are the place where you provide a comprehensive description about your item. The following are the best ways to maximize the bullet points of your feature:

  • Include some of the key characteristics of your product
  • Include your second keyword in the bullet points
  • Write in fragments , and make sure that bullets are concise.
  • Be sure that all five bullets are used within the character limit.

Amazon Product Images

Images can have a significant impact in the process of making a purchase. Although images aren’t an important factor for ranking in Amazon SEO however, it’s important to have high-quality images fully justifying the product. The following are the top methods to optimize your product images:

  • Make sure to use high-quality images
  • Create images using different angles
  • Check that all slots for images are used
  • Make sure the image is placed on a white background
  • Make sure that all Amazon image requirements for the product are fulfilled

Amazon Product Description

The description of the product is the part near the end of the page in which you are able to elaborate on the particulars about your product. It is usually written in text, however in the event that your business is registered in Amazon’s Amazon Brand Registry, you can write visually appealing descriptions using the enhanced brand content. Here are some tips for writing a compelling description of your product:

  • Make sure to mention your products USPs
  • Define the features of the product – dimensions, size and so on.
  • Tell the story of your brand
  • Use rich media formats with Amazon A+ Content
  • Use call-to-action

Product Reviews and Ratings

It is clear that the product that has a lot of reviews will rank higher within the Search Engine Results Page. To gain the recognition you desire, it is important to gather more reviews for your product. To obtain more reviews about your product, you can:

  • Create reviews naturally by offering the most enjoyable user experience
  • Keep in touch with your clients via email with campaigns
  • Inspire your customers to write your product review through social media
  • Contact the eminent reviewers for their insightful reviews

Making Products FBA Eligible

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) can be described as a solution that is provided by Amazon to sellers which allows them to ship their stock in bulk to Amazon FBA warehouses, and let Amazon take care of the packaging, picking and delivery of the items to customers.

An aspiring Amazon seller should choose this option since it takes away all logistics and makes selling on Amazon easy.


Selling your product should be the primary goal when you are improving your Amazon listing of products. The customer shouldn’t have to see more than a handful of pages before buying anything from Amazon. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of the factors mentioned above to provide a high-quality and well-optimized product, which will result in the success of an Amazon SEO strategy.

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