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Are Amazon’s global purchases authentic? Fake features! 

The proliferation of counterfeit goods on e-commerce platforms is a disaster for all customers. Although all kinds of e-commerce are constantly counterfeit and shoddy, but imitation goods are repeatedly prohibited. For the profitability and competitiveness of e-commerce platforms, the type and total number of products are particularly important. The more diverse the two, the greater the temptation for customers, and the resulting market competition will continue to reduce prices. , to further enhance the temptation. So the following e-commerce will tell everyone that the shopping products on Amazon international station are all genuine? The characteristics of imitation goods!

Are Amazon’s global purchases authentic?  Fake features!

Are all the items purchased on Amazon International Station genuine?

1. The price is too low

If a street vendor is selling a $20 Rolex watch, there’s no doubt that it’s the real deal. Similarly, if the market price of the product on Amazon is less than the value, the customer will think it is a fake and abandon the purchase.

2. The name of the store is not easy to identify

Because Amazon has a large total traffic and a wide range of consumers, there are many merchants pouring in, and there are also some counterfeit goods merchants among them. If the business name is not highly recognizable, it is likely to be a small business or a non-local business, and it is also likely to be a counterfeit goods business. Generally, the information content of reasonable and legitimate businesses is complete, and it is very easy to authenticate.

3. The product is well known but the well-known brand is not well-known

If a customer knows a product well, but a well-known brand has never heard of it, it is likely to be a fake. Offenders will counterfeit best-selling products and sell them at very low prices.

4. User reviews look weird

If the products are all unanimous five-star praise, and the content of the five-star praise is too exaggerated, it will also cause distrust of customers, and they are likely to feel that the five-star praise is brushed out.

5. Requiring customers to contact the merchant before paying

Many merchants will use amazon scams. They do not allow consumers to place orders on the website immediately, but only ask customers to contact the merchant before paying, requiring customers to purchase an Amazon e-gift card and show the credit card number to the merchant. It is not easy for Amazon merchants to receive electronic gift card numbers to deliver to customers.  Save with  Amazon Discount Code NHS and  Amazon Discount Code

6. Product photos are not original

If the product photos look too extreme, there is a high probability that the product is not real. Some stores selling fake products will steal photos of other businesses in order to better cover up the defects of the products. Customers are likely to have seen similar pictures, or use Google Photos to check whether the store is stealing pictures.

7. Pull customers to the outstation to buy and sell

Many counterfeit goods merchants or scam companies will offer customers a more preferential price, induce customers to go to other trading platforms, cheat money, and even steal private information or bank card numbers.

Are all the items purchased on Amazon International Station genuine? Since some items are very fake, they may be imitations, unless they are very reputable, and some say that overseas purchases are actually delivered by China, which is colluding with freight logistics companies, and the order information indicates that they are overseas. Delivery, so you have to be careful, maybe it is the goods from any small processing factory in China. Naturally, it cannot be said that all of them are like that, but there are such situations.

8. Look into shipping logistics

Extra-long shipping times are another red indicator, particularly on Amazon, where third-party merchants don’t see their sales in their bank accounts for fourteen days.

To avoid consumer complaints, a new vendor with bogus items must keep their account active for at least two weeks. As a result, they will set shipping times that are longer than the Amazon processing time.

Take a look at where the merchandise is being shipped from as well. “I don’t want to single out China, but it’s where the majority of the counterfeits originate,” said James Thomson, a former Amazon executive, to MarketWatch.

7. Inspect the product for suspect packaging

If you’ve gone through all of the above and determined that the product should be delivered to your home, your inspection shouldn’t end there.

On eBay, goVerify gives a few rules for detecting the authenticity of a designer item, as do YouTube videos comparing dupes to their genuine counterparts.

There are a few typical things to look for: tags, typos, misspellings, and poor printing. All retail packaging for new products, including manuals or printed materials, as well as UPC barcodes, should be included.

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