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Are Elux legend disposable vapes good?

Disposable vapes good

Medical science has indicated that  vaping is safer than smoking. There is a long list of logical reasons to support this statement that have been discussed in this blog. So, if you are interested to know the benefits of switching to vaping, you are on the right page. In this blog, you will also find how disposable vapes play a productive part in making your nicotine intake safer, cheaper and simple.

Vapes are 95% Safer than Cigarettes:

The purpose of introducing a vape is to help smokers adopt a healthier lifestyle. Researchers have documented so many drawbacks of smoking. According to a study, smoking causes physical, mental, and emotional issues. Nicotine in traditional cigarettes renders the user addicted. To stop smoking and step towards a healthy life is certainly not easy for a smoker.

What is a disposable vape?

Before stepping into the benefits of using a disposable vape like Geek bar and Elux legend, let’s know its structure and how it works. Disposable vape, or e-cigarettes, carries an in-built battery that works to vapours the e-juice. It is always a small, portable device that is easy to hold. Its concise size allows it to fit comfortably in your pocket. It does not include the harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes. If you intend to quit smoking and switch to vaping, you’ve joined the right track. Keep reading to learn more about disposable vapes. So, let’s jump into its advantages and know why a disposable vape is superior to traditional cigarettes.

Here are the advantages of using an Elux legend disposable vape that keeps the user healthy:

The Ejuice Contains Nic Salt:

Disposable vape delivers nic salts instead of organic and strong nicotine through tobacco. Nic salts are the lab-made nicotine that is smoother than pure tobacco. Chemists tend to react with benzoic acid to make it a little less harsh and irritating. That’s how it gets the form of a liquid that does not create ash due to being burnt but gets evaporate and creates vapors. It is thus pretty safer than smoking a typical cigarette to satisfy your nicotine cravings.

Enjoy Cloudy Puffs Even Without Nicotine:

Cloudy puffs are more interesting than smoking for some youngsters. They get attracted by the smoke or the cloudy puffs but not the nicotine. In this case, you can go for a nicotine-free vape and enjoy the cloud buzz. So, if you are not interested in being addicted to a drug but want to make big clouds, then you have a great option to avoid drug addiction. To enjoy the ultra hazy puffs without becoming attached to nicotine is definitely a good choice.

Available in So Many Flavours:

Whether you go for a nicotine vape or a nicotine-free vape, you always have a wide range of tremendous flavors. Disposable vapes are always available in so many yummy flavors. So you enjoy the flavor with and without nicotine salt, in accordance with your preference. It boosts your experience of nicotine intake. If you are using an open-system device, you can switch flavors by refilling the tank.

No Passive Smoke:

Unlike regular cigarettes, vapes do not generate secondhand smoke. It is considered eco-friendly since it does not damage the health of non-smokers. That’s how disposable vapes help you make new friends. It also doesn’t stink around the user. Hence, if your spouse is bothered by the smell, you must try it immediately and happier your love life.


Using a disposable vape instead of an open system device can save money. Because if you are not a chain smoker and are not habitual of massive nicotine intake, then this option will save your money. Generally, a disposable vape can last 7 to 10 days. Its puff capacity is close to twenty cigarettes. Also, if the vape is rechargeable as an additional feature, the electricity bill won’t be too high. It only requires 1amp electricity and charges quickly.

No Tar and No Ash:

Vaping an e-cigarette saves you from inhaling tar. Tar is a viscous, harmful oil-like material that is formed when tobacco is burned. No disposable vape works like this. It warms pre-filled e-juice with up to 20mg nic salt. Unlike cigarettes, this e-liquid doesn’t really contain hundreds of hazardous chemicals. It doesn’t burn anything, so it keeps tar out of your lungs and throat.

Can you believe you don’t need a lighter every time? Yes, exactly, you don’t need a light to vape. It’s as simple as putting the vape to the mouth and inhaling the nicotine vapors.

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