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Are WPC Fencing Panels Space Requirements?

What is WPC fence?

Make sure to leave some room between the panels when you install your WPC fence. Your WPC fence will stretch and contract readily if you leave some room between the panels. Additionally, it will guarantee that when it expands, your WPC fencing won’t warp or splinter. But why do WPC fences require so much room? Do black fences look more attractive? That will be covered in more detail in the paragraph after this one.

Why space is needed for WPC fencing

Why space is needed for WPC fencing

A change in temperature has an impact on WPC fencing just like it does on other WPC materials. This implies that after you install your WPC fence, changing temperatures will have an impact on it. WPC materials are impacted by temperature changes differently than wood fencing is.

WPC materials are robust and resilient, and they can withstand even the most extreme pressure from a natural element. Therefore, as the temperature changes, your WPC fence will stretch to the side rather than split or splinter. By leaving some room in between the fencing panels, WPC fences can be kept from expanding.

The WPC fence panels will grow if you don’t leave sufficient room between them. And as they grow, one will touch the other. The WPC fence panels will split or distort as a result of the strain they will exert on one another. Even worse, it will displace the WPC fence panels you have in place.

Where should WPC fencing be placed?

Where should WPC fencing be placed?

You should be sure to adhere to standard practices while installing your WPC fence panels, you need to have was ist wpc zaun. It suggests that you must abide by the boundaries established by the company that made your fence panels. We advise leaving a minimum of 5 mm of space between the WPC fence panels to allow for growth.

Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be any gaps smaller than 5mm between your plastic wood panels. Your fence panels won’t fit in a gap that is less than the 5 mm that we advise since they will expand. Additionally, the distance between the panels of your WPC fence shouldn’t be too wide. For further details about the WPC fence, visit our website.

For instance, if you were to leave a spacing of 10 or 15 mm, it would be too noticeable. Additionally, if the spaces are excessively large, debris like leaves or pollen will collect between them. Therefore, 5 mm should be the ideal distance between your WPC fence panels.

How to add the appropriate amount of space

How to add the appropriate amount of space

By putting the panels one at a time, you can make sure that you add the appropriate amount of spacing between your WPC fencing. Clearing the area where you wish to build your fence should be your first priority. Your property should be accurately marked after being measured for size.

Before you start creating your WPC fence panels, get boards for the privacy fence and you might need to obtain permission from the local government, depending on where you reside. If you want to install a picket fence, you won’t need to worry about the room since the picket fence comes with space. However, you must include the appropriate margin if you are erecting a completely private fence.

You should prepare the location where your fence will be installed after marking your lots. A short walkway that encircles your property serves as the location where your fence panels will be installed. Following that, you should mark the locations for the posts to which you will affix the fence panels.

Make sure the holes you dig to place the posts in are deep. A large hole will ensure that your fence has a sturdy foundation. The strong wind makes this important. Your fence might fall down if the base of your WPC fencing is unstable. However, you must include the appropriate margin if you are erecting a completely private fence.

You should insert the posts into the holes once they have been dug, and then seal them with cement. Prior to attaching the fence panels to the posts, allow the cement you poured into the posts to cure. Remember to provide 5 mm space between the fence panels while installing them to account for expansion. Until you are through, you should repeat this procedure for all of your property’s fence posts. Get your fences painted, schwarz zäune look lovely. 


Are WPC fence panels space-required? Leave a minimum of 5 mm between each board when installing your WPC fence panels. Your fence panels will expand readily when the temperature changes thanks to this 5 mm spacing.

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