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    Chinese Jade Pendant

    One of the most unique and attractive pendants that were first used in ancient China is the Chinese Jade Pendant. This pendant is very beautiful and attractive, it has been used as a symbol of the ultimate love and the one who gives it. Chinese Jade Pendant is mainly created from jade, an indestructible stone that has been used in…

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    Tradition of Wearing a Japanese Kimono

    Traditional Japanese Kimono The traditional Japanese kimono consists of a long, lightweight piece of cloth, worn over the shoulders. The kimono has been around for many centuries and has gone through many changes and interpretations. The modern kimono today is often called a “kimono” (which means “cloth”), but was originally the garment of the Japanese samurai. The word “kimono” comes…

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    Jewelry – Learn How to Make Your Own Jewelry From Asian Art

    Asian Jewelry-making is believed to be one of the most beautiful forms of craftsmanship in Asian countries. There are a wide array of antique and vintage Asian jewelries for sale at various auction platforms around the world. Make the best buys at the prices they are offered at! Take advantage of online wholesale jewelry sites. Use this guide to help…

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