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Beach rackets for playing beach ball and beach tennis and Frescobol

At the beach, you are hyperactive with a sporting inclination. No way to make the pancake all day, you need to let off steam! Invest in beach rackets and try your hand at beach ball or beach tennis.

The beach ball

The principle of a beach ball (also called racketball) is to perform the most exchanges with your opponent. The interest is not to beat the person in front, but to play in a duet to have the best possible score. This beach sport is practiced without a net, unlike beach tennis. The ball is struck only by volley (by percussion and not by rebound).

Some rules: one person equals one shot, that is, juggling is prohibited. When the ball hits the ground, the game is over, you have to start over. You can count the points according to the distance between the two partners (1 point for 1 meter, 4 points for 2 meters, 9 points for 3 meters, etc.)

You can “spice up” your beach ball games and invite other players for 3, 4, or more matches.

Beach tennis

Before being a fun beach sport, beach tennis is a “real” sport with its rules set by the French Tennis Federation. Unlike beach ball, beach tennis is played with a net 1m70 high for a court of 8m x 16m.

Official beach tennis competitions are played in doubles teams with games over three rounds. The rules of beach tennis are similar to those of tennis except for the bounce of the ball which is prohibited on the beach (the ball is only struck on the fly). The team that drops the ball or passes it under the net loses the point.


Beach ball and beach tennis are both played with full rackets, that is to say without string. Racquets preferred are wood rather than plastic.

Beach ball and beach tennis balls are non-bouncing balls, very light and softer than those used for tennis. These mini balls are designed to allow longer exchanges between opponents.

If your heart is swinging for beach tennis, it is necessary to invest in a net.

Developed in Brazil after World War II, frescobol is a racket sport practiced on the beach. Unlike other racket sports, the two players are partners, not opponents. What is frescobol? Where to play How to play it and what are the possible variations?

What is frescobol?

Frescobol is a racket sport that is practiced on the beach. It is played with wooden rackets and a rubber ball. It is generally played with two players in the observation of a lifeguard, lifeguard helps them to play safely with their lifeguard training experience. The goal is to make as many exchanges as possible with your partner without dropping the ball. We must therefore try to use the strengths of his playing partner rather than finding his weak points in order to score a point.

Where to play

The frescobol is mainly found on the beach because it is the ideal play area. You can mark off the terrain as you see fit and you can jump into the sand without fear of falls. However, you can play it anywhere as long as you have enough space.

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How to play frescobol?

To play frescobol, choose a fairly small playing surface at the start. Ideally between 3 and 5 m. Start hitting the ball, trying to make as many rallies as possible with your playing partner and without dropping the ball. As soon as you feel comfortable, you can expand the surface of the playing field. Then you need to hit harder. You can also establish new rules to complicate the game such as:

  • hit the ball only backhand
  • When you hit the ball only in forehand
  • By hit the ball from top to bottom and your partner from bottom to top

Possible variants

You can compose several teams of two players and delimit a field of 6 meters wide by 9 meters long. It is forbidden for players to cross the boundaries of the field. The object of the game is to be the last team to drop the ball. It is a fault when the ball falls to the ground (no rebound is allowed) or when the ball is touched by something other than the racket. You can also choose to draw a circle of one meter around one of the players and forbid him to leave this circle. Frescobol can also be practiced with your feet in the water.

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