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Beats Studio 3 Noise Cancelling vs Airpods Pro: Which Pair is Best?

The Beats Studio Buds

Beats studio 3 are some of the best headphones out there. They are relatively affordable at $349 and they come with noise-cancelling features.

The Beats Studio 3 headphones provide a high-quality listening experience with superior audio performance and unmatched comfort to deliver hours of uninterrupted listening enjoyment.

Beats studio 3 active noise-canceling headphones are designed for a life on the go.

These headphones are able to reduce 98% of background noise with the help of their built-in microphones and their innovative noise-canceling technology. Studio 3 is perfect for the traveler on the plane, train, or bus who wants to enjoy their favorite music without being disturbed by outside noise. It’s also a great choice for music lovers who want to listen to high volumes without having to turn up all the way and damage their ears.

The Beats Studio 2.0 wirelessly charge with their cable. The main attraction is the Lightning connector that also offers fast charging and audio skipping controls. Beats Studio 3 Wireless noise-canceling headphone was the big upgrade in the Beats line. They’re a little taller, offer a more snug fit, and replace the Beats with 10 hours of battery life, an additional nine hours of sound, and 15 hours of pairing with their cable. They also charge with a Lightning connector.

AirPods Pro

The Airpods are a new product from Apple that has many features to make it desirable for the listener. They can be wirelessly paired with any device and they have a touch interface on the earbuds to change volume, play, skip, and pause.

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One of the best features about these earbuds is that they are fully cordless and portable. This is great because you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled up in your pocket or backpack. You can also use the cord that is attached to the earbuds to wear them around your neck which makes them easy to find if you happen to lose one of them. The battery life on these Airpods lasts up to five hours before needing recharge which will keep you listening for a long time!

Apple has done a great job making the AirPods Pro easier to use with the new Siri controls.

The new design of the AirPods is compatible with more devices like MacBook Pro, iPhones, and Apple Watch. They have also partnered with some companies to make these headphones work better together with Alexa voice commands for Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Apple has always been all about innovation and they have continued to do that with the AirPods Pro. One of the biggest features is noise cancellation which comes in handy for long commutes and busy offices. The sound quality is also top-notch, with a very crisp high-end.

The AirPods Pro also has a few new features that we haven’t seen before in similar products. There is an accelerometer that can detect when you are speaking. So it can filter out background noise and focus on your voice. It’s also water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry. If it rains or if you spill some coffee on it while you’re working from home in your PJs.

Airpods Pro features W1 chips inside that can automatically sync music to your devices (Android and iOS). It also adjusts sound quality based on the device you are using. You can pair the Airpods Pro to Apple Music (for free users), Spotify, TuneIn, and other services. You can also just use them on their own for casual listening without the speaker. without a case.


If we discussed on best comparison of Airpods Pro vs Beats Studio 3 on paper, the ‌AirPods Pro‌ and ‌Studio Sound Buds‌ appear to have similar specs. The AirPods Pro‌ is obviously the more premium product, with a better fit, better noise cancellation, and longer battery life.

They also sound better. The Beats Studio Buds‌ are similar, but not as good. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of sound quality for the best noise cancellation on the market. AirPods Pro‌ is the better option for most people. It will cost you a bit more, but you won’t regret it.

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