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Prashar Lake Trek is an unspoiled secret, with gorgeous Himalayan views and charming trails. Located in the bowl-shaped Dhauladhar Valley, Prashar Lake Trek takes you through thick snow-capped forests, making it a true gem of the Himachal Pradesh ruins. The short walk is perfect for your long weekend plans. The night view by the lake is amazing and more meaningful for your adventure.

 However, his next morning was easy to cause controversy. The sunrise in the Himalayas is full of delicious surroundings, and under the first rays of sunlight, it is very special. Imagine that you can arrange everything for a long weekend which is pure fun.

 About prashar Lake

Most tourists in the area tend to overlook this hidden gem. In addition, it is an ideal holiday destination, because you can take a walk on the Prasha Sea all year round. This interest rate hike is more special, and there are bonuses. Away from the excitement of daily life, here is a good place for seclusion, tranquility and spectacular scenery. 

 Why do you want to go for a walk? The epitome of hiking in :

 Prasher Lake trek is surrounded by the Dhauladhar mountains in the Kullu Valley and offers stunning cobalt blue water views. There is also a floating circular island on the surface of Lake Prashar. Locals will quickly notice the trend of movement: it can be in the same place for a few months, or it can move several times in a month.


 One of the best parts of hiking is choosing your starting point. Although Baji Village near Mandi in Himachal Pradesh is a standard starting point, you can go further and further. And this itinerary can also be completed without a guide, depending on your field experience, even if it is highly recommended for beginners to bring a knowledgeable person.

 The history of Prashar Lake

 Prashar Rishi who meditates here insists that the lake is sacred. Raja Bank Sen of Mandi built this temple in the 13th century to commemorate Rishi and named the lake after him with rivets from Himachal’s architecture.

 Mythological connection

Local legend also shows that a brother of Pandava himself created this lake: Bhima, when he returned from Kurukshetra following Mahabharata.

The valley and this place were so fascinating for Kamrunag that he decided to stay there forever. Therefore, Bima put his elbow on a mountain and created the lake. The locals also agree that no one knows the depth of the lake. Many studios and divers have tried it, but come back to find the bottom.

 Prashar Lake Weather

 Since this hiking trail is open all year, the weather at Prashar Lake is the same as at Mandi. The weather at Lake Prashar is unpredictable, from snowy winter to sunny and rainy days.

 The highest average temperature of Lake Prasha throughout the year is around 21 , and the lowest temperature is around 8 . In terms of unpredictable cold, even in summer, it is important to be prepared. Therefore, layers of clothing are the key to any successful Himalayan trip.

 In winter, you can enjoy snow trekking in Prasha Lake.

 Best time to visit Prasha Lake

 Although hiking can be done at any time of the year, the best time for hiking is January and February because the lake is almost frozen and covered in snow. The unspoiled hills have a certain appeal, and the snow-white blanket enhances everything in sight and makes the air feel more vivid.

 However, if you want to see the magic of floating islands so much, it is a good time to go out after the moon arrives. Because the valley is his most lush green self during this time.

 Mandi is about 430 kilometers from Delhi, Chandigarh is 187 kilometers from Delhi and Kuru is about 498 kilometers from Delhi.

 It takes the same time from Kullu or Mandi to reach Baggi village, the starting point of the trek. I must emphasize here that you can continue driving forward and reduce your walking time, or plan to hike from Bukit through the forest to Lake Prasat.


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