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Benefits And Uses Of Car Lifts

Do you have more cars at your house than you can fit in your garage? Do you want to keep all of your cars safe in the winter? A garage car lift is one of the most popular things to add to a garage. You might be thinking, “I’m not a mechanic, so why do I need a garage car lift?” But they are good for your garage in more ways than just letting you work on your car. Our company is a well-known car lift factory and 2 post car lift manufacturers with quality products you can access online.

We’ll talk about what garage car lifts are, what they’re good for, and what to look for so you can find the right one for you.

Garages Car Lifts:

A garage car lift is exactly what you think it is. It’s a piece of equipment that raises your car so you can work on it or use the extra space it gives you.

There are a few types of garage car lifts that are common and can be found in most garages. It’s important to know what lifts are available so you can pick the right one for your needs.

It will cost a lot, but the benefits make it more than worth it. Below, we’ll talk about the different kinds of garage car lifts.

Scissor Car Lifts:

Scissor lifts are the most common type of car lift in a garage. They are best for people who only need a lift to work on their car.

When not in use, they lay flat, and you park over them before you raise your car. They are simple to use and don’t take up much room.

But you can’t work under your car with them. They are best for working on wheels and brakes and some jobs under the engine. The least expensive choice is also a scissor car lift.

Two-Posts Garage Car Lifts:

Even though this kind of garage car lift is usually found in auto shops, more and more people are putting them in their own garages.

They have two strong posts on each side, and where your car sits, braces connect them. When raised, you’ll be able to get under your car and make any repairs you need.

Also, they don’t take up much room, so you can still use the rest of your garage. Two-post lifts are more permanent because they have to be bolted to the floor and need regular maintenance to make sure everything stays tight and level.

Four-Post Car Lifts

Because they are easy to use and have other benefits, these types of garage car lifts are becoming more and more popular in homes.

They have four solid posts and a set of tracks that you can drive your car up on. It’s very easy to use, which is why a lot of people are putting them in their homes.

They can hold even the heaviest cars and are perfect for small garages where you want to make more room.

The only problem with four-post car lifts is that the wheels and brakes can’t be fixed while the car is sitting on the tracks.

Benefits of Garage Car Lifts:

Now that you know the different kinds of garage car lifts, it’s time to find out why they’re such a great addition to your garage, even if you don’t use them to fix or maintain your cars.

Double Parking Space:

With a four-post lift, you can park another car under the one on the lift. This is great for people who only have room for one car in their garage.

No longer do you have to pick and choose who can use the garage. Don’t forget that you’ll have to move the car at the bottom before you can use the one on top. Plan where to park based on who needs to leave the house first.

Secure Investment:

Along with giving yourself more parking space, this will help protect your valuable investment from the weather and car thieves and keep it in great shape.

Most of the time, cars that stay in a garage all year long last longer and stay in better shape than cars that stay outside.

Also, if you have a high-end luxury car that you only use occasionally, you can keep it on the lift while you drive your regular car. This saves you from having to store the luxury car somewhere else or park your regular car outside.

Simple Car Care:

The main reason to have a garage car lift is, of course, to be able to work on your car at home. No more paying too much for simple services or worrying if your car will be ready on time.

You won’t have to pay the high labor costs that most auto shops charge, so the investment will pay for itself in the long run.

Make Sure your Garage Meets the Requirements:

When deciding if a garage car lift is right for you, you should also think about whether or not your garage is in good enough shape for one.

If your garage is old and leaks, your cars and other things inside won’t be as safe as you’d like. Also, you won’t be comfortable working on your cars with your garage car lift in the summer or winter if your garage can’t keep the outside temperatures out.

Since 1959, Danley’s has been the best garage builder in the Chicago area, which is good news for you. Our custom-built garages can be built in any way you want, so you can get exactly what you need.


A garage car lift is exactly what you think it is. It’s a piece of equipment that raises your car so you can work on it or use the extra space it gives you. There are a few types of garage car lifts that are common and can be found in most garages.

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