Benefits of Having Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance (quote), also known as living insurance, is an insurance policy that will provide a sum of money to help the insured when he or she got diagnosed with a serious illness or experienced a trauma. Although your health insurance could cover the medical bills, it won’t be enough in case your illness needs a long time to be treated.

The money you could get from the trauma insurance could help get you through your day-to-day expenses especially if you have a family depending on you as the source of income. This alleviates the stress on you and your family as well while you’re still recovering.

Having trauma insurance is just as important as having a health insurance. You could even have both for more financial security when an unexpected incident happens. Here are some of the benefits you could get when you buy trauma insurance.

Tax Exemption

One of the huge perks you could get from trauma insurance is the capital gains tax exemption. In income protection insurance, you’ll be receiving a regular monthly stream of financial support to help meet your finances while you’re unable to earn yet. However, with trauma insurance, you get to receive a lump sum amount making it easier to budget on your needs. This lump sum amount doesn’t need to be included in your income assessment, exempting it from tax.


Another good feature of trauma insurance is its versatility. It could include a wide variety of health conditions depending on the policy you have – from regular disorders and illnesses to more serious and even degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

Trauma insurance gives the insured more protection in case the person gets inflicted with a serious disease. Check with your insurance provider on how to maximize the coverage of your trauma insurance policy for more protection. You could also compare and get a trauma insurance quote online for an easy and convenient process.


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Freedom to Use Your Money

Unlike other insurance policies that restrict how you could use the financial benefits you’ve received, you’re free to spend the sum you received from trauma insurance. Once you got the lump sum amount, you could budget it depending on your financial needs. You could use the money to support the daily finances of your family, pay outstanding debts, settle medical bills, or even for a vacation. It’s all up to you how you want to use it.

Flexible and Changeable Cover

Our needs change from time to time that’s why it is important that our insurance policy could also adapt to these changes to be able to provide the financial support that we need during the hard times. With a trauma insurance, you could change or apply for an additional cover depending on the events. You don’t need to have any additional evidences to apply for an upgrade or change in cover.

Getting sick is something we can’t foresee or avoid. Keep you and your family free from financial worries by having a trauma insurance.


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