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Benefits of Reading Quran With Tajweed

Allah Almighty has blessed us with his holy book, the Quran. It guides us for all problems of life. It has answers to all the glitches that we may face in life. Through the Quran, we learn about the commandments of Allah, and the countless bounties that he has showered upon us. Allah has obligated it for all Muslims to read and understand the Quran.

The recitation of the Holy Quran is of vital importance. A beautiful way of reciting the Holy Quran is through tajweed. It beautifies the recitation and makes it more pleasant to listen to. Tajweed was introduced in the Muslim culture later in 300 Hijra. It was due to non-Arabs doing incorrect pronunciation of the words and phrases written in Arabic.

There are great benefits of reading the Quran with tajweed. In this article, we enlist a few of these positive aspects.

1.    Proficiency

The main aim of reading the Holy Quran with tajweed is to improve the fluency and proficiency of the reader. Through tajweed, we can enforce the correct pronunciation of each letter. When the reader efficiently applies all the rules while reading the Quran correctly, they will automatically focus on improving their proficiency.

2.    Beautifying the Recitation

The word tajweed verbally means improving something or making it better. Hence, tajweed is a means of recitation of the Holy Quran while making it more pleasant to the ears. The reciter makes a conscious effort in making reading the holy book with expertise. It reduces the change of exaggerating or depreciating any of the words.

Muslims improve their understanding of tajweed and improve recitation by joining any tajweed course. These tajweed courses help to overcome the problems and misunderstandings about recitation of the Holy book.

3.    Improved Understanding

When we read the Holy Quran with tajweed, we are bound to gain more understanding than the ones who read it in an ordinary manner. Tajweed makes us delve into the rich poetry of Allah almighty and understand it in a completely different light.

Many people who recite the Holy Quran with tajweed, also memorize it over time.

4.    Lesser Mistakes

Reciting the Holy Quran with tajweed is also beneficial in another aspect. The reciter tries well to pronounce the words correctly and thus makes fewer or no mistakes in reciting the Quran. It will lead the reader to gain ten times more good deeds for each word they recite.

It is crucial to learn tajweed from any qualified Islamic scholar. They have full command over this topic and can teach us well.

5.    Raises Rank and Status amongst People

Allah Almighty has promised to protect the reciter from doing wrong deeds. They get more pious as compared to their peers around them. A benefit of reading the Quran raises the reciter’s rank in the world and the life hereafter.

This elevated rank will help us receive mercy from Allah and gain bounties in return.


There are so many benefits of reading the Quran with tajweed. We hope that by now you must have a good understating of this. You should adopt measures to learn tajweed from a well-taught scholar or Arabic instructor. Tajweed enables you to recite the Holy Quran with proficiency. May Allah shower his blessings on everyone and empower us to learn Quran with tajweed.

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