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Benefits of Selecting Ubuntu-Source Free Software

Ubuntu is based on Debian and consists mainly of open-source and free software. It is free to download and use. Ubuntu is available in three major flavours: Server, Desktop, and Web. All of the editions are able to run in a virtual machine and alone, or as a server using the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system. Unlike other Linux distributions, however, it comes pre-installed with thousands of useful applications. Such as music players, office suite, blogging software, and word processors.

Many of these popular applications have been modified to work better with the Ubuntu operating system. Some of these applications include the Firefox web browser, the Thunderbird mail client, the Gimp image editing program, the Epcot admission’s software, and the XFCE video player. published here.

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The Unity 7 Package

In contrast to other Linux operating systems, Ubuntu also provides its users with a wide variety of options and plug-ins. This helps in customizing the operating system. For example, the Unity 7 package, which is part of the Ubuntu base package, allows the unity menu.

Which includes all of the usual menus like the desktop, navigation bar, a login window, and system tray, to be customized per user. This feature makes the unity interface much more appealing to users. And creates an atmosphere that is very similar to that of the Mac OSX operating system.

Desktop Environment

Ubuntu also provides the default desktop environment of the Linux Mint operating system. This desktop environment contains many pre-installed desktop tools including the Unity Music player, the Firefox web browser, the Thunderbird email client, the Gimp image editing program, and the Pcsmith text editor.

The desktop of the ubuntu distribution has a dark background with a Gray dock, a task bar at the top, a system menu at the bottom, and a panel on the right side to provide additional control panel functions such as the task manager and the login manager. There are also icons near the top and bottom of the screen and at the top of the panel for the printer, webcam, audio input and output devices, and the Google search engine.

One of the biggest features of the Ubuntu operating system is its open-source software. This component of the Linux distro is what gives it its ability to function as a very flexible and customizable operating system. Many programs that can be found in the Ubuntu distribution have been available for free on the web for years.

These include the Apache web server, libmicrohttpd, phpBB bulletin board server, and the MySQL mail server. Many of the programs are still in development and are not generally available in the store for normal consumers. But are instead available through the Ubuntu community or other websites that promote the distribution.

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Paid and free Upgraded Versions

One of the most unique and attractive components of the Ubuntu operating system is the way that it offers both paid and free upgraded versions of the core operating system. When you purchase an Ubuntu version, you will receive both the free regular version.

And the upgrade package free of charge. The reason behind this strategy is that Canonical wants to create a situation. Where every six months there is a fresh new code that can be added to distribution for no extra charge. Every six months, Canonical makes their profits back by adding that money into the Ubuntu distribution.

A great feature of the Ubuntu Linux operating system is that it comes with an active development community. It offers an opportunity for people with every programming skill level to contribute to the open-source code base. This contributes to the strength of the distribution and ensures that it remains at the cutting edge of technology. By having an active community, the Ubuntu developers are able to take advantage of any suggestions, bugs, and problems that users might experience.


The final area that is important for consideration when selecting a flavour of Ubuntu is the amount of customization it provides. Each flavour of it strives to increase the amount of customization that users have access to.

There are many different ways in which you can customize your computer such as modifying the desktop wallpaper, controlling the display manager, creating custom sound and video settings, and more. You can customize your computer in many different ways using the Ubuntu operating system. These benefits of Ubuntu make it one of the most popular flavours among users.

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